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English Vocabulary Game Online - WordBuster

Rating: 7.9/10 - 428 votes

Want to improve your vocabulary, challenge your lexicon and have fun at the same time? Well, now’s your chance Brain-Box! WordBuster is an educational word creation / spelling game for children (in middle school & high school) and grownups where you have to create as many words as you can in 1 minute using the initial 3-letter prefix. In each level, you must come up with as many words as you can think of that start with the three letters that are provided. Don’t hang around, because you only have one minute to type as many Real Words as possible into the box. For each correct word you enter, you score points. The longer and better the word, the more points you score!

This game should help to improve your vocabulary, because at the end of each round, you are given a list of words that you missed. This is a great word building game for kids who also want to improve their spelling - because if you type in a word wrong, the WordBuster tells you that it’s incorrect. This fast-paced game should also help to improve your typing speed and dexterity. Best of all, it gets your brain switched on! It’s a really great educational word-building game for any age-group looking to improve their language skills. Well, what are you waiting for? Get your thinking cap on!

How to Play: At the start of each level, you are given a 3-letter prefix. It is your job to type in as many words you can think of that start with those three letters. For example, you might be given the prefix – scr. Can you think of any words that begin with the letters "scr"? Well, there’s scratch, scream, scramble….. etc. Once you think of a word – type it in using your computer keyboard, and then press the Return key. The word that you type in appears in the table on the left hand side of the game screen. Ready to go? Let’s get thinking and typing! Keep it up and you’ll be an English Language Master in no time!

Tip: You don’t always have to start again each time you type in a word. For example, if you type in "scratch" and press return, you just have to add 'ed’' to make another word – scratched.

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