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Summer Italian Cooking Courses in Tuscany

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Summer Cooking School in Tuscany, Florence:
Spend a fruitful day in an original gallery kitchen of the 13th century Villa Pandolfini located near Florence, Italy with hands-on instruction from professional Italian chefs. Good Tastes of Tuscany offer a number of different itineraries to suit participants of all cooking levels, from novice to advanced. We have created an intimate setting to provide the ultimate learning environment and our class sizes reflect this. All cooking classes are hands-on, use the freshest ingredients and sample the olive oil and wine produced directly on the grounds of the Villa Pandolfini!

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Cooking Courses in Tuscany:

First Taste of Tuscany - Single Day Tuscan Cooking Class - Basic
Photo of Summer Italian Cooking Courses in Tuscany Enjoy a full day, hands-on cooking lesson with our Italian chefs for an introduction to authentic Tuscan recipes. Discover step-by-step how to make a satisfying, full Italian meal from appetizers to dessert, including the art of making pasta fresca.

Learn to create such pastas as ravioli, tagliettli, gnocchi in this fun, hands-on pasta-making adventure.

After you prepare your pasta, the chef will help you to prepare tantalizing sauces such as fresh basil pesto, tomato and basil, Ragout of wild mushrooms and sweet onions, meat or duck ragout and an array of other sauces.

An Italian Immersion - Single Day Tuscan Cooking Class - Advanced
Do you want to expand your collection of Italian recipes? Get ready to savor some traditional and innovative Tuscan specialties. Learn how to prepare a decadent Tuscan meal that will impress even the most experienced 'foodies'.

This class focuses on stuffed pastas such as ravioli, colouring the pasta, making the sauce, how to make a perfect risotto beginning with making the broth, second course of meat/game and of course dessert.

This meal will be 5-6 courses and comprises of two antipasti, two first courses ( ravioli, risotto or gnocchi) , a second course with one or two side dishes and dessert.

Each of the menu selections is unique to the area in flavor and in execution - when you add these well tested recipes to your repertoire, you will be bringing home a slice of Tuscan culinary history!

Bella Toscana - Multiple Day Tuscan Cooking Classes:
This class is dedicated to those who desire a more detailed kitchen experience. Spend two full days learning to prepare specialty dishes from the Tuscany region in Italy.

Learn to distinguish the varieties of breads, cheeses and meats from different areas of this well-known region.

Each day we explore a complete menu that addresses the ingredients, techniques and traditions of Italian kitchens of this area that makes this region so special.

Villa Pandolfini - 7 Days Gastronomical Adventure in Italian Cuisines
This culinary program has been designed for lovers of Tuscany and all that it represents – the charming medieval towns, the centuries old traditions, the people and their culture, the art and of course, the great food and wine!!

We have spent time with our chefs to create a week dedicated to the secrets and traditions of Tuscan cookery and participants will spend many hands on hours perfecting the skills of Tuscan cooking in our original kitchen of the 14th century 'Villa Pandolfini'.

During the week you will have a wonderful 'Introduction to Tuscan Cuisine'. We will discuss the history of the Tuscan diet, typical dishes,Tuscan bread, peasant foods, and how the gastronomy has changed throughout the medieval and renaissance periods up until modern times.

Further Cooking Course Options:
- Cooking Vacation In Italy
- Intense Weekly Culinary Program
- Professional Cooking Courses / Chef Academy
- Educational & Student Culinary Travel Courses

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Address: Villa Pandolfini, Florence, Italy
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Organic Tuscany Cooking School
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• Based in the heart of Tuscany, three miles outside the medieval town of Certaldo, Organic Tuscany Cooking School offers specialized cooking weeks in a magnificent 19th century villa.

• Our classes are “from farm to table”: taking the participants to see where the fresh, local, organic food we buy is grown and using it to cook traditional Tuscan and Italian recipes: fresh pastas, hearty soups, tasty salads, the perfect risotto and delectable desserts. The programs also includes wine-tasting and walking tours with official guides in Florence and Siena.

• Some of the cooking courses are vegetarian, and others can be vegetarian friendly. Free with the course is an e-book with over 60 recipes and photos of the dishes you learned during the week and many others reflecting the Tuscan seasons.

• Accommodation will be in a magnificent 19th century villa, where the cooking classes will also take place.
Cooking Classes in Tuscany:

• Duration: 1 week

Features include:
• Specialized Italian Cooking Classes
• Wine Tasting
• Olive Oil Tasting
• Guided Tours of Florence and Siena
• Visits of Organic Farms

Courses are taught in English, but you will acquire a smattering of culinary Italian.
Accademia del Lusso, Milan
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• Study fashion in Milan this summer with Accademia del Lusso! Conveniently situated in the heart of Milan's fashion district, Accademia del Lusso is a leading provider of year-round and summer fashion-related courses. Subjects include Fashion Styling, Fashion Design, and Visual Merchandising.

• We welcome students from around the world to participate in our 6-week courses. You can choose to study in English or Italian. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 students to ensure that everyone gets the individual attention they need.

• Our 4-week fashion courses are designed for those who already work in the fashion industry, and wish to get advanced, specialist training in a specific area. Our courses aim to develop their skills and enhance their professional profile so that they can progress in their career.
4-week Professional Fashion Summer Courses:

Taught in English or Italian

• Fashion Brand Management

• Fashion Design

• Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising

• Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
Updated: 2019-01-28
Updated: 2019-01-28
Link Campus University, Rome
Courses / Programs
Link Campus University offers a range of study tours, open to foreign and Italian students of all ages. What’s a study tour? With us you can study and live an unforgettable holiday, immersed in unique locations for their beauty, history and magic. Enjoy the privilege of choosing a complete study tour. Something unique, like you. The summer courses organised are held from June to September in the following locations: Roma, Città della Pieve(Umbria), Montescaglioso (Basilicata).

The academic lectures are held in the morning. The afternoons are free or dedicated to practical activities and excursions in which the subjects are analysed from “hands-on” point of view. The courses have a duration of 3 days up to a maximum of 2 weeks. In some cases - as specified in the course credits are awarded, subject to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer Scheme).
- Arts & Archaeology
- Arts / Performing Arts
- Italian Language and Culture
- Italian Cooking and Flavours
Accademia Riaci, Florence
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• Located in the heart of Florence, Accademia Riaci provides summer art courses and culinary arts programs to students from around the world.

• One of the leading art and design academies in Italy, we offer intensive summer programs in fashion, painting & drawing, graphic design, interior design, jewelry making, ceramics, and glass art among many others.

• Our summer art, craft and design programs are taught in English or Italian or Spanish. You can choose to study for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks.

• You can combine different courses. Private lessons are also available. 

• Our courses are all intensive with double lesson hours, allowing you to benefit from a thorough learning experience.

• Students of all levels of experience are welcome to attend - from beginners to experienced, professional artists.

• Students completing our summer art program will work directly with distinguished Florentine artists in studio.

• The academy's faculty are top artists of each field, united by the mission of inspiring next generation artists with unique tradition & artistic knowledge.

• The student-teacher ratio is kept small to maintain the school's policy that values each students' originality and learning styles.

• You receive tailored, hands-on instruction and extensive career development. If you attend for 2 weeks or more, you may have the opportunity to earn college credit.

• We also organize cultural excursions and art visits so you get to experience the beauty of Florence.
Intensive Summer Art, Craft & Design Courses
Study for 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 weeks

• Art Management
• Jewelry Making
• Jewelry Design
• Shoe Making
• Shoe Design
• Bag Making
• Bag Design
• Painting & Drawing
• Art History
• Interior Design
• Product Design
• Fashion Design
• Fashion Business
• Textile Design
• Graphic Design
• Ceramics
• Glass Art
• Restoration of Paintings
• Italian Home Cooking
• Italian Language
• Enjoy Italy Course
• English Language

You can combine different courses. Private lessons and intensive courses are also available.
School for Curatorial Studies, Venice
Courses / Programs
Based in the heart of Venice, Italy, The School for Curatorial Studies is an ambitious and challenging project that provides a summer course that focuses on contemporary visual arts and practices of exhibition-making.

Taught in English, students participate in weekly activities, artist studio visits, tours of exhibition spaces, networking events and workshops

Promoted since 2004, the project was conceived as a school committed to experimentation and interdisciplinary thinking.

The main goals are to spread the knowledge in the field of visual arts and to introduce the students to the professions related to the art world, focusing on contemporary curatorial theory and practice and contemporary museology.
Summer Course in Curatorial Studies:
- Duration: 450 hours

- Lectures taught in English

- Focuses on contemporary visual arts and practices of exhibition-making

- Students participate in weekly activities, artist studio visits, tours of exhibition spaces, networking events and workshops

- Course is designed to increase students understanding of the intellectual and technical tasks of the curator figure
Design summer programs by Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti Milano - NABA
Courses / Programs
NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts), located in Milan, Italy, offers a wide choice of short summer courses at both introductory and intermediate levels in the fields of Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Styling among many others. Each course is two weeks long and students can combine an introductory course followed by an intermediate course for a total of four weeks study. All courses are taught in English.

The Summer Programs propose a wide and updated synthesis of NABA know-how, giving a view of the most significant trends of the market, of industrial creation processes, of artistic and social expression, of Design, Fashion, Graphic and Communication, together with the opportunity to experiment with a topical project theme, under the guidance of renowned professionals and in cooperation with big companies.
We offer two - four week summer courses in the fields of Interior Design; Product Design; Graphic Design; Fashion Design; Fashion Marketing; Fashion Styling; Fashion Accessories; Landscape architecture among others.

U.S. university students can register for NABA courses through West Virginia University's Office of International Programs and Office of Extended Learning and will be awarded WVU credits on some programs which may at the option of their home institutions be transferred.