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Ambulatory Care Nursing Career / Education

Ambulatory Care Nursing Career / EducationPost Nursing Jobs & Health Care Jobs.

Ambulatory Care Nurse: Ambulatory Care Nurses are registered nurses who provide preventive care and treat patients with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. The day of an ambulatory care nurse is diverse and unpredictable as the work depends on what illnesses patients present with. An Ambulatory Care Nurse can see vast amounts of patients in a day, and usually has less than 24 hours contact with a patient throughout their illness.

The main duties of an Ambulatory Care Nurse include:

  • Providing healthcare to patients with varying illnesses or injuries.
  • Promoting healthcare and health maintenance to patients.
  • Educating patients on how to manage their injury or illness at home.
  • Providing healthcare either face to face with patients or over the phone or internet.
  • Assisting patients preventing and managing illnesses.

Where they work: Ambulatory Care Nurses can work in Ambulances, Day Surgery Units, Ambulatory Care Surgeries, Physicians Offices, Community Centers, Schools, Workplaces, Home Care and in Clinics. Some Ambulatory Care Nurses work for health insurance companies and the government providing health care advice via telephone or the internet.

Qualifications: Ambulatory Care Nurses are qualified Registered Nurses (RN), with a minimum of two years experience. There is no additional training required to become an Ambulatory Care Nurse but certification is available and in most states preferred. Certification can be gained by documenting 2,000 hours (1 year full-time) experience in Ambulatory Care Nursing within the last three years. Additionally certified ambulatory care nurses must also have completed 30 hours of Ambulatory Care Nursing Continuing Education within the last three years.

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