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Parish Nursing Career

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Parish Nurse: A parish nurse is a registered nurse with additional training, who provides healthcare to the congregation of a church. A parish nurse is more involved in preventative medicine than treating the sick. The main duties of a parish nurse include:

  • Educating the congregation on healthy living.
  • Assisting parishioners with their health problems.
  • Counseling individuals on various issues.
  • Supporting health services within the community.
  • Referring patients to other healthcare professionals when necessary.
  • Providing an approachable listening ear to people of all ages.
  • Offering advice to individuals in a spiritual environment.
  • Providing initial contact for individuals suffering as a result of substance abuse, depression and family violence.

Where they work: Parish Nurses can work in the church or community centers. Some large churches employ a full time parish nurse. Other small parishes share a parish nurse between them.

Qualifications: Parish nurses are fully qualified registered nurses, and are recognized by the American Nursing Association. Most Parish Nurses have several years experience working in a healthcare environment. There are many programs available to qualify as a Parish Nurse. Many ministries also require previous experience in a community care environment.

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