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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Career

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner CareerPost Nursing Jobs & Health Care Jobs.

Psychiatric Nurse / Mental Health Nurse: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses are registered nurses who work with people suffering from various types of mental health problems. They work with children, adults and the elderly, and may work in hospitals, patient's homes, special residential units or secure units. Mental Health Nurses work closely with psychiatrists, occupational therapists, social workers and GP's in order to help patients come to terms with their illness. Together with the other health care professionals they deliver care through a multidisciplinary approach and help patients maximize their quality of life.

The main duties of a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse include:

  • Working with patients of all ages who suffer from various types of mental health problems.
  • Counseling patients about their problems.
  • Advising patients on treatments they are receiving, how the treatment will work and any side effects to be aware of.
  • Educating the families of patients on Mental Health issues.
  • Administering medication and monitoring the results over time.
  • Understanding through education and knowledge the stresses if the patient.
  • Conducting group and one to one therapy sessions.
  • Developing the social skills of patients and promoting a patients independence.
  • Identifying if a patient is at risk of self harm.
  • Escalating security of cases that may be at risk of harming others.

Where they work: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses can work in Hospitals, Patients Homes, Outpatient Clinics, Residential Units or Secure Units.

Qualifications: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses are qualified Registered Nurses, who have completed a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing or equivalent. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses may then choose to complete a Nurse Practitioner program where they can specialize in Psychiatric and Mental Health. Nurses must have practical experience of working with Psychiatric patients before enrolling in Nurse Practitioner program.

Nurses will graduate with a Masters Degree in Nursing and then can apply to their own state for relevant certification and licensure exams. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses must be licensed to practice.

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