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LPN / LVN - Licensed Vocational Nurse Career

LPN / LVN - Licensed Vocational Nurse CareerPost Nursing Jobs & Health Care Jobs.

Licensed Vocational Nurse: Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) can also be known as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), work under the supervision of Physicians and Registered Nurses. LVNs have a caring nature and an ability to deal with stressful situations. Licensed Vocational Nurses must be able to follow orders and work well under supervision due to the life and death nature of their working environment.

The main duties of a Licensed Vocational Nurse are:

  • Assuring that patients are as comfortable as possible.
  • Feeding patients who are unable to feed themselves.
  • Supervising certified nurse assistants.
  • Collecting samples for testing.
  • Record food and fluid intake.
  • Assist in delivering babies.
  • Complete insurance forms.
  • Making appointment.
  • Keeping records.
  • Recording a Patients vital signs.
  • Monitoring patients weight, blood pressure, temperature and pulse.

Where they work: LVNs work in Public and Private Hospitals, Assisted Living Centers, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Medical Centers and Home Health Care settings.

Qualifications: LVNs must study at a vocational, technical, private or community college. Here they can study a state approved practical nursing program which is usually one year in duration. On completion of this program LVNs are required to pass a NCLEX-PN licensing examination to practice. LVNs must be licensed to work.

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