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Emergency Trauma Nursing Career

Emergency Trauma Nursing CareerPost Nursing Jobs & Health Care Jobs.

Emergency/Trauma Nurse: Emergency/Trauma Nurses are registered nurses that work in hospitals or stand-alone emergency departments. Emergency/ Trauma nurses provide care to patients who have suffered serious and sometimes life-threatening physical injuries e.g. Car accidents, work related injuries and suicide attempts. These injuries can potentially result in secondary complications such as respiratory failure, shock and death.

The main duties of an Emergency / Trauma Nurse include:

  • Providing care to patients in an emergency situation.
  • Administering emergency procedures e.g. code blue and CPR.
  • Acting fast and thinking on their feet.
  • Handling complex and difficult situations.
  • Operating healthcare machines.

Where they work: Emergency / Trauma Nurses provide an initial assessment of patients with potentially life-threatening conditions. Emergency/Trauma Nurses can become qualified to serve as transport nurses working on helicopters, Ambulances, Airplanes. Other Emergency/Trauma Nurses work in the casualty department and emergency rooms of public and private hospitals.

Qualifications: Registered Nurses can complete Diploma courses in Emergency/Trauma Nursing. These courses usually last around one year and consist of two semesters. A typical diploma in Emergency Trauma nursing will consist of the following modules: Health care management, Pharmacology, Trauma nursing practice, HIV/AIDS care, Ethos and professional practice, Health care and the law.

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