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Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nursing Career / Education

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Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse: Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse's (Cath Lab Nurse), are Registered Nurses working in the field of diagnosis of heart disease. They administer interventional procedures to patients, including cardiac catheterizations, angioplasties, and valvuloplasties. These men and women assist doctors in the implantation of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). It is essential in this field to keep up to date on the latest technologies as it is ever changing due to advances in technology.

The main duties of a Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse include:

  • Providing care to patients in Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Care Units or ICU, CCU or Cardiac Catheterization Lab until they are discharged
  • Acquiring and maintaining patients records, and updating patients charts
  • Executing a needs assessment.
  • Organizing patients for medical procedures.
  • Monitoring patients vital signs.
  • Operating treatment equipment.
  • Administering Intravenous therapy (IV).
  • Medicating patients according to physician instructions.
  • Conducting and participating in Cardiac specific research projects.
  • Educating other healthcare professionals about Cardiac Catheterization.

Where they work: Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurses work mostly in hospitals and Clinics. They are based in the Intensive Care Units (ICU), Coronary Care Units (CCU) or Cardiovascular Catheterization Laboratories (CCL) depending on the hospital or clinic.

Qualifications: Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse's are qualified Registered Nurses and need to have an advanced understanding of cardiac anatomy and physiology. There is high demand for experienced Cath Lab Nurses and there are many certification courses available, although certification is not required by most states.

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