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Per Diem Nursing - Advantages / Disadvantages

Per Diem Nursing - AdvantagesWorking as a Per Diem Nurse: Per Diem is the Latin term for Per Day. Per Diem Nurses are Contract Nurses who are directly employed by a hospital on a day by day basis. Per Diem Nurses earn excellent daily rates but on the flip side there is no job security. Many Per Diem Nurses have working arrangements with many hospitals and often work long periods of time on end with no break. This is a great way for a highly skilled Nurse to earn great money while keeping their skills current.

Advantages of Per Diem Nursing:

  • Excellent daily rates are available which are well above what a full time Nurse would earn.
  • Per Diem Nurses can be direct employees of the hospital.
  • Ability to work in a variety of hospital departments and keep nursing skills current.
  • Great opportunities to learn new skills by working with different professionals.
  • Flexibility to take time out.
  • On call Per Diem Nurses get paid even when they are not called in to work.
  • Many states stipulate that nurses earn a minimum of four hours pay, so when a Per Diem Nurse is called in to work for one or two hours they get paid for four.

Disadvantages of Per Diem Nursing:

  • Per Diem Nurses are self employed and not entitled to health insurance benefits.
  • No paid leave available.
  • If you are sick you are not compensated.
  • Because there are no benefits there is pressure on the Per Diem Nurse to work long hours.
  • No training is provided so a Per Diem Nurse must pay for any work related course he/she chooses to undertake.
  • Per Diem Nurses tend to work long hours to avail of the good daily rates which means their social life suffers.
  • Very short notice given to the Per Diem Nurse as to when an assignment begins and ends.

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