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Radiology Nursing - CRN Nurse Career

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Radiology Nurse: Radiology Nurses are registered nurses who provide healthcare to patients undergoing diagnostic radiation procedures such as, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasounds, and radiation therapy for oncology diagnoses. After the procedure Radiology Nurses are responsible for managing a patients recovery.

The duties of a Radiology Nurse include:

  • Providing health care to patients undergoing radiation procedures.
  • Educating patients to understand procedures.
  • Assisting patients in their recovery from procedures.
  • Working with the patient's family and other healthcare professionals to ensure the patient's needs are met.
  • Performing examinations under the supervision of the Radiologist.
  • Documenting findings and updating the patients medical records.
  • Assisting the Radiologist during therapy.
  • Discharging patients from the radiology department.

Where they work: Radiology Nurses work in large hospitals and medical centres and are employed to support the physical, mental and emotional needs of the patient.

Qualifications: Certified Radiology Nurses (CRNs) are qualified Registered nurses who have received advanced education and training in Radiology. To become a CRN you must gain experience in the radiology department of a hospital or healthcare facility and pass an examination. CRNs are accredited by the American Association of Radiology Nurses. Upon completion of a CRN program, you must also pass the national licensing examination before you can practice as a Radiology nurse.

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