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Diabetes Management Nursing Career

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Diabetes Management Nurse: Diabetes Management Nurses are registered nurses who assist patients to manage diabetes. Their main duty is to educate patients and their families about diabetes and the self-management skills required. They provide advice on exercise, diet and medication and monitoring insulin levels. These nurses often work in outpatient clinics and often travel to hold clinics in regional areas.

The main duties of a Diabetes Management Nurse include:

  • Dealing with complications of patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.
  • Working closely with physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.
  • Educating patients of the best practices in improving their health.
  • Informing patient's families on living with diabetes.
  • Providing advice on diet and exercise.
  • Advising on injecting medications.
  • Administering tablets or insulin if the patient is unable.
  • Monitoring blood glucose levels.

Where they work: Diabetes Management Nurses can work in hospitals, outpatient clinics and often travel to hold clinics in regional areas.

Qualifications: Diabetes Management Nurses are qualified registered nurses. Nurses study diabetes management as part of their primary degree and some can choose to do a specialist course in diabetes management which is preferred by employers but is not a requirement to work in this field.

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