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School Nurse Practitioner Career

School Nurse Practitioner CareerPost Nursing Jobs & Health Care Jobs.

School Nurse: A School Nurse is responsible for providing healthcare to a child or young person attending a school or college. Some large schools have a full time School Nurse employed where as smaller schools share the Nursing resource between them.

The main duties of a school nurse include:

  • Developing a healthcare plan for the school.
  • Training school based staff in first aid, first response, dealing with Epilepsy and asthma.
  • Educating students and teachers on different healthcare issues.
  • Providing support and counseling services to students with mental health issues.
  • Working closely with other Community Groups and Social Workers.
  • Educating parents on the importance of nutrition and exercise.
  • Testing hearing, eyesight and monitoring the weight and height of the child.

Where they work: In large schools a School Nurse spends most of their time working from their offices within the school. Many school nurses visit schools in a specific geographical area, these visits would be intermittent.

Qualifications: A school nurse is a qualified Registered Nurse with a qualification in Pediatric Nursing. Most Pediatric Nursing programs require students to have several years experience of working with children. For more information please see Pediatric Nurse Practitioner below.

Below is a list of some of the various types of medical nurses / assistant nurses:

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