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Perioperative Nursing Career

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PeriOperative Nurse: PeriOperative Nurses are registered nurses who assist surgeons during surgery. PeriOperative Nurses can work as either a Scrub Nurse, who passes instruments to the surgeon or as a Circulating Nurse who take care of the overall nursing care during surgery. PeriOperative Nurses can choose to specialize in certain fields of medicine such as Cardiac Care or Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

PeriOperative nurses work closely with the surgical team, consisting of the circulating/scrub nurse, anesthesia provider, surgical assistant, and other assistive personnel. PeriOperative Nurses are also responsible for providing preoperative and postoperative care to the patient.

The main duties of a PeriOperative Nurse include:

  • Assisting the surgeon during surgery.
  • Providing care to the patient during surgery.
  • Monitoring the patients vital signs.
  • Controlling bleeding during surgery.
  • Along with taking care of the patient intra operatively, they also provide pre and post operative care.
  • Maintaining a sterile environment in the operating room.

Where they work: Perioperative Registered Nurses work in many types of health care facilities from large hospitals to ambulatory or outpatient surgery centers, and physician offices.

Qualifications: PeriOperative Nurses need to first qualify as a Registered Nurse (RN) by successfully completing a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) course or relevant Associate Degree or Diploma. There are many post RN courses offering certification for PeriOperative Nurses available.

Before enrolling in a program, ensure it is accredited by a professional body. This will ensure your qualification will be widely accepted, and may even be used towards a Master's Degree in Nursing. Becoming certified proves your commitment to your career along with developing an advanced understanding of the role.

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