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Critical Care Nursing - Career Education

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Critical Care Nurse: Critical Care Nurses are registered nurses who work mostly in Intensive Care Units (ICU's) in hospitals. These nurses provide care to patients with life-threatening problems by performing high intensity therapies and interventions. Critical Care Nurses monitor patients closely and are skilled in neonatal, adult and pediatric nursing practice. Critical Care Nurses are responsible for assuring that acutely ill patients and their families receive optimal care and support.

The main duties of a Critical Care Nurse include:

  • Providing optimum care for critical ill patients and their families.
  • Constant monitoring of vital signs.
  • Continuously updating skills in emergency resuscitation procedures.
  • Performing high intensity therapies and interventions.
  • Assessing patients with life threatening illnesses continuously.

Where they work: Some Critical Care Nurses work in nursing schools, outpatient surgery centers, home health care units and clinics. The majority work in Hospitals in the following departments:

  • Intensive Care Units.
  • Pediatric / Neonatal ICUs.
  • Cardiac Care Units.
  • Cardiac Catheter Labs.
  • Emergency Rooms.
  • Progressive Care Units.
  • Recovery Departments.

Qualifications: Critical care nurses must first qualify as registered nurses. Although not mandatory, most critical care nurses choose to complete a critical-care training course. These programs consist of a written examination, extensive continuing education and clinical experience. Students must display expert knowledge in meeting the demands of critically ill patients and their families. Due to the intense skills required by Critical Care Nurses, many employers will choose to hire a Certified Critical Care Nurse (CCRN) over a registered nurse.

Below is a list of some of the various types of medical nurses / assistant nurses:

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