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Jewelry Making Classes in Brooklyn, NY

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The Bloomfield School, Brooklyn:
The Bloomfield School is a jewelry making school conveniently located in Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY. We offer a variety of courses in jewelry casting, each with a slightly different focus. The Bloomfield School’s courses are taught in Brooklyn’s real studio environments by knowledgeable staff sharing expertise from their respective fields.

Jewelry Making Classes in Brooklyn:
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Ring Making from Wax to Metal:

 If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at jewelry making, this is an excellent beginner’s course. Wax carving is a very important facet of the jewelry craft that enables you to create completed pieces without an elaborate set-up. We’ll take you through the step-by-step process of planning, carving and finishing a ring of your own design. The course fee includes all materials except the cost of casting which will be on a ring-by-ring basis. 

The first two sessions will emphasize the designing and making of the ring in wax. In the final class you will have your ring in metal and will learn the steps of refinement to complete the piece into wearable jewelry. As always, you’ll leave the class with resource information that will enable you to make future rings galore. Start dreaming up ideas and if you intend to make a gift, don’t forget their ring size!

Pendant Making from Wax to Metal:
Have a collection of beads that haven’t yet become distinguished jewelry pieces? Why not make your very own pendant to complement them? We’ll take you through the steps of wax working and surface treatment to make cast-metal centerpieces for your jewelry projects. 

The first two classes will be spent working experimentally in wax, designing and creating your unique pendant. In the final class, you’ll learn the steps of refinement and patinating that will beautifully integrate your one of a kind metal pendant into your design.

Stacking Rings:
Image of Jewelry Making Classes in Brooklyn, NYAn excellent class for beginners. In just two studio sessions, you will complete your own set of stacking ring bands.  The first session is a wax-working class, where you will carve and sculpt your designs for a few stacking metal rings.  Wax is a forgiving material that can be shaped fairly quickly, and making multiple rings will let you experiment with different shapes, patterns, and textures. We will have your rings cast into the metal of your choice for the second class, and you will do some metal working to clean up and finish the surface of your creations.

Wax Working:
This course is a follow up to any of our Wax to Metal or Stacking Rings classes. It is designed for students who would like to continue working in wax and are eager to experiment and develop their designs, while still having the guidance and assistance of an instructor. Like our introductory wax classes, this course will include wax working and metalworking components.

There will be a week off between the second and third classes, opening up the possibility of incorporating an outsourced technique, such as mold making or stone setting. Please bring along any supplemental jewelry materials, objects you would like to make molds of, or design inspiration and get ready to play!

Jewelry Soldering Workshop:
An intensive one-session workshop for those who would like to dive into the world of jewelry soldering. We will begin by reviewing the components of a jewelry soldering setup and torch safety. Next you’ll practice soldering, working your way from simple wire joints used in jump rings and chains to longer seams in sheet metal, such as those in wide ring bands. We’ll end the class with a wire-balling exercise, teaching you to make your own elegant silver earwires. The course fee includes all silver, brass, solder, and other materials used in this class.

Creative Jewelry Semester:
If you are interested in making jewelry, but want more than just a taste, this is the class for you. Whether you have taken one of our introductory courses and are ready for more or are an eager and committed beginner, this course will allow you to really follow through on your vision. We will cover basic jewelry making techniques such as soldering and wax working, and then will branch out and teach different skills based on the projects that you come up with.

For further information on our jewelry classes, please e-mail us via our Contact Page.

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Updated: 2021-10-08
Updated: 2021-10-08
LiloVeve Jewelry School, New York
Courses / Programs
Located in the heart of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NYC, LiloVeve Jewelry School offers fun, informative classes and workshops in the art of handcrafting jewelry. Classes include full 6-week programs, or short 2-day workshops.

Founded by a jewelry artist, the school is a professional environment for the exploration of jewelry fabrication and design.

Fields of study range from basic silversmithing and wax carving to high karat gold alloying and stone setting.

Our weekend workshops highlight specialty techniques such as filigree, enameling, granulation, chain making, and more.

Our focus is to provide an artistic and creative classroom in which to learn and explore the art of jewelry making. Small class sizes and personal attention are a hallmark.

We offer hourly rate benchtime for practice, completion of work / jewelers in need of equipment and space, students wanting to explore their own ideas in a supportive environment.
Specialized 6-week Jewelry Classes:
- Introduction to Silversmithing
- Gold Alloying (Goldsmithing)
- Introduction to Wax Carving
- Wax Carving II: Stonesetting
- Wax Carving II: Bracelet Design
- Silver II: Design & Technique

2-Day Jewelry Workshops:
- Steel
- Mold Making
- Bezel Setting
- Prong Setting
- Flush Setting
- Tube Setting
- Jewelry Production
- Business for Designers
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Vladimir Deming, our founder and instructor, provides close supervision to students, having taught students of all skill levels for more than twenty years.
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- Restoration of Antique Ceramics
Ashcan Studio of Art, New York City
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At the Ashcan Studio, we have programs designed to complete 15-20 works of art for your portfolio, in 3 months to a year. We provide programs in the fields of art and design, visual arts, painting, drawing, sculpture, figure drawing, fashion design, multi-media, interior design, architecture and more.

We conveniently offer day and evening classes, six days a week, all year long. Classes are located at 45 East 34th Street, 4th Floor, NY 10016 and 252-20 Northern Blvd. Suite 209, Little Neck (Queens), NY 11362. We are a portfolio preparation studio with 100% acceptance rate to schools like Parsons, SVA, FIT, Cooper Union, RISD and many more.
Basic to Advanced Level Portfolio Preparation Programs:

Course fields include:
- Art and Design
- Visual Arts
- Fashion Design
- Multi-media
- Painting / Drawing / Sculpture
- Figure Drawing
- Interior Design
- Architecture, and more.

Further Courses available:
- Summer / Winter break program for high school and college students
- Condensed Period Portfolio Preparation (12 - 24 weeks)