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Nanny Training / Infant Care Programs in Los Angeles, CA

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The Stork Stops Here, Los Angeles:
Established in 1998 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, The Stork Stops Here is a nationally recognized postpartum care company that has been highlighted on MTV for its services. We offer a nanny training program for interested individuals wanting to work in the private sector of childcare. We also help families find professional, loving nannies for their child-care and domestic needs. To assist new parents, families and caregivers with the care of newborn babies, we proudly offer a wide variety of high quality infant care services including baby sleep training, newborn care and potty training. Our goal is to cultivate and enhance the natural instincts of the parent which enables them to gain a clear understanding of their newborn. That our postpartum service is recognized as one of the top postpartum services in the country can be attributed to our professional baby nurses and doulas who must complete an extensive training program and past a written test for registry consideration.

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Nanny Training:
To enhance the quality of in-home care, our goal is to provide essential training and resources to those serving in the Nanny Profession. Nanny Training focuses on themes specific to the needs of nannies. The themes include, but are not limited to, communicating with with employers and developing daily routines that are child appropriate.

We encourage the attendance of anyone who is interested in learning or refreshing skills necessary for providing an enriching atmosphere for children. Classes are available in a classroom setting or as a Distance Learning (home study) course.

Photo of Nanny Training / Infant Care Programs in Los Angeles, CACurriculum:
- Child Development: Age Birth to 5 Years
- Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
- Appropriate Discipline Techniques
- Professional Development
- Infant Issues
* SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
* Shaken Baby Syndrome
* Colic
- Positive Communication
- Time Management

Newborn Specialist Training:
Classes are available in a classroom setting or as a Distance Learning (home study) course.

* Jaundice
* Wound Care
* Sleep Patterns
* Bathing
* Dressing
* Burping
* Assessing the Overall Condition of the Newborn
* Newborn Reflexes
* Newborn Behavior/Development
* Symptoms of Illness
* Crying and How to Cope
* Safety
* Newborn Characteristics

* Basic Lactation
* Assessing the Overall Condition of Mother
* Proper Nutrition
* Proper Rest
* Schedules
* Managing Life with Newborn
* Breast Care
* Symptoms of Illness
* Bottle Feeding
* Baby Blues

Baby Nurse:
* Sleep Patterns and Schedules
* Business Ethics and Marketing
* Role of the Newborn Specialist
* Newborn Specialist Rates
* Confidentialities
* Contract Negotiations
* Maintaining Professionalism
* Identifying Schedules That Work Best For You
* Working With Celebrities and Other High Profile Client

Nanny Services:

We are committed to helping you find professional, loving help for all of your child-care and domestic needs.

The Stork Stops Here provides a full range of experienced

* Professional Nannies
* House Managers
* Estate Managers
* Newborn Specialists

We recognize that each family and each candidate has unique needs and at Image of Nanny Training / Infant Care Programs in Los Angeles, CAThe Stork Stops Here, we make it our business to match the right candidate with your family.
Because The Stork Stops Here is committed to the safety and well-being of children, we personally interview all known references and past employers to ensure that each and every Candidate meets our strict standards.

A Stork Stops Here candidate must have a minimum of three (3) years experience with excellent verifiable references. All candidates must possess a valid driver’s license or identification card and a sterling driving record. In addition, a Stork Stops Here Candidate must pass our extensive background check.

Only those Candidates meeting or exceeding our standards will be considered for a position through The Stork Stops Here.

Health and Safety:

Do you know what to do if someone starts choking or, even worse, stops breathing? If unsure, now's the time to sign up for Health & Safety Training through The Stork Stops Here. Courses can be conducted at the location of your choice.


Infant and Child CPR
Trains parents and caregivers how to overcome fears and reluctancies and how to take action in emergency situations involving infants and children. Trains how to give care in life-threatening respiratoryPhotos of The Stork Stops Here, Los Angeles and cardiac emergencies.

Community First Aid and Safety

Trains individuals and families in identifying and providing care in life threatening emergencies. Class covers:
- Adult CPR and First Aid
- Child CPR and First Aid
- Infant CPR and First Aid

Adult CPR and First Aid Basics
Trains individuals how to overcome fears and reluctancies and how to take action in emergency situations. Class covers:
- Respiratory Emergencies
- Cardiac Problems
- Sudden Illness
- Injuries

First Aid Basics
First Aid Basics is a dynamic, eficient, and effective course for individuals wanting First Aid training without CPR. Course covers:
- Bleeding
- Checking Unconscious Victims
- Heat and Cold Emergencies
- Poisoning
- Muscle and Bone Injuries
- Shock
- Sudden Illness

Automation External Defibrillator (AED)

Trains individuals and families how to use AED unit, which is the device used by law enforcement and EMS in the event of sudden cardiac arrests. Course teaches individuals how to be first responders and how to administer a life-saving shock to a sudden cardiac arrest victim.

CPR for Professional Rescuers
Teaches professional rescuers (those with a duty to respond in emergency situations) the skills required to respond appropriately to respiratory and cardiac emergencies.

Additional Services:
The Stork Stops Here is committed to providing clients with quality service that exceeds expectations in aiding new parents through the transition into parenthood.

In addition to providing PostPartum Doulas and Baby Nurses, The Stork Stops Here also provides the following services:

Breastfeeding Classes
Childbirth Education Classes
Labor Doulas
Lactation Specialist
Midwifery Services
Nursing Services for Patients in Private Homes
On-call Sitter Services
Parenting Classes
Personal Shoppers

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Address: 264 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, California , USA
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