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Boarding High School in Oklahoma for Gifted Kids

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Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics:
Situated in Oklahoma City, The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) is a prestigious two-year residential high school (Grades 11 & 12) designed to educate academically gifted high school students in advanced mathematics and science. OSSM was created through legislative action in 1983 and graduated its first class of 44 seniors from across the state in 1992. The school currently has 71 juniors, 63 seniors and an ultimate enrollment estimated at 300.

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2-year Residential High School (Grades 11 & 12) Program:

Biology Curriculum:

OSSM requires one year in biology for graduation. If the student has taken a general biology course prior to enrollment to OSSM then the sequence of courses to follow depends on the student's interest and career goals.

Bio-Medical / Human Biology Courses:
- Human Anatomy and Physiology Microbiology
- Human Embryology
- Histology
- Endocrinology
- Biochemistry
- Molecular and Cell Biology
- Directed Studies
- Mentorship

Traditional Biology:

- General Biology
- Botany
- Ecology
- Genetics
- Invertebrate Zoology
- Vertebrate Zoology
- Directed Studies
- Mentorship

Chemistry Curriculum:
- General Chemistry
- Organic Chemistry
- Chemical Equilibrium
- Biochemistry
- Chemistry Olympiad Prep/Directed Study
- Directed Studies
- Mentorship

Computer Science Curriculum:
All students must complete one semester of computer science at OSSM. Most students enroll in more. All programming requirements at OSSM are in C++.

- Introduction to Computer Science
- Structured Programming
- Data Structures I and II
- Data Communications and Networking
- Operating Systems
- Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming

Foreign Language Curriculum:
To graduate from OSSM each student must complete two years of the same foreign language. The credits maybe transferred from the students home high school, but most decide to continue their studies. The languages currently being offered are: French, Spanish, Latin, German, Japanese and Chinese.

Humanities Curriculum:
All students at OSSM are required to take two semesters of American literature and two semesters of history as juniors and two semesters of world literature and two semesters of western civilization as seniors. Also, two fine arts credits are required for graduation.

Fine Arts:
Fine Arts classes are taught by professional artists and most are members of the State Arts Council's Artists in Residence Program.
- Drawing
- Photography
- Video Production
- Sculpture
- Weaving
- Piano Lessons
- Physics in Arts
- Orchestra
- Ballet
- Ballroom Dancing
- Choir
- Painting
- Guitar

Mathematics Curriculum:

Core Courses:
- Pre Calculus
- Calculus

- Calculus
- Linear Algebra
- Multivariable Calculus
- Geometry
- Differential Equations
- Real Analysis
- Topology
- Foundations of Math
- Number Theory

Physics Curriculum:

Required Physics Courses:
- General Physics (F)
- Mechanics (F or S)
- Electricity & Magnetism (F or S)

Elective Physics Courses:
- Thermal Physics, Waves & Optics (F or S)
- Modern Physics I (F)
- Modern Physics II (S)
- Electronics (S)
- Theoretical Physics (S)
- Astronomy (S)
- Directed Study (F and/or S)
- Research Mentorship (F and/or S)

Wellness Curriculum:
Students participate in an activity two days per week. Students rotate their choice of activity each of the six-week grading periods. All students are given the opportunity to be a captain. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of activities and to discover those they enjoy which will promote a lifestyle of fitness awareness.


- Aerobics
- Badminton
- Basketball
- Circuit Training
- Disc Golf
- Elliptical Machine
- Flag Football
- Kickball
- Pilates
- Punching Bag
- Quidditch
- Rowing Machine
- Running Club
- Sand Volleyball
- Soccer
- Speed bag
- Stationary Bikes
- Tai-Bo
- Team Handball
- Treadmill
- Run/Walk
- Ultimate Frisbee
- Volleyball
- Weight Training
- Yoga

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Address: 1141 North Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , USA
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Harker Heights;   Cumberland, Rhode Island;   Lindsay Oklahoma Garvin County. Fifty miles south of Oklahoma City.;   Oklahoma City;   Edmond;   and more.
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