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Applied Scholastics Academy San Diego:
Applied Scholastics Academy San Diego is an independent, co-educational, non-religious school for pre-K through to sixth grade in La Mesa in San Diego County. We serve families in La Mesa, La Jolla, Muirlands West, Soledad South, Bay Ho, Sorrento Valley and surrounding communities. Applied Scholastics Academies are part of the Applied Scholastics Network, a group of independent schools sharing uniquely developed curriculum and teaching methods based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. Each teacher is trained in Study Technology and in how to communicate effectively with children.

Education Programs:

- Preschool; Pre-Kindergarten; Kindergarten; Elememtary School; Lower School & Middle School to 6th Grade.

* Subjects include:  Study Skills, English and Literature, Science, Math, Geography, History, Art, Music, Reading, Life Skills and Physical Education.

This school holds the view that all children need to master a core of information that is essential to their competence as learners in later grades. Therefore, we have adopted standards that aspire to those outlined in the Core Knowledge Series by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. Below is a very brief overview of our approach in each subject.

Study Skills
The essential fundamental of any learning process is knowing how to study. Most people are never taught to study in school beyond tricks for memorizing data to be regurgitated for an exam or organizing one's work. The key difference between this and other curriculum on study skills is that we teach students what to do when they do not understand something or have difficulty grPhoto of Private Elementary School in San Diego County, CAasping it. We provide students with the know-how so they can dig themselves out of trouble.

By the time students reach the 6th grade, they are well on their way to being self-learners who can learn through their own discovery and research and deduce information for themselves. Skills also include, how to help other students, partnering with other students, and independent study. Students learn to think for themselves and work out questions to ask that will enable them to grasp the full understanding of any practice or study.

The student learns about color and uses a variety of mediums for creating art such as finger painting, clay, pastels, collages, etc. Older children are encouraged to work on their technique and creativity.

Students who are beginners with computers do educational puzzles and games that enhance the student's math skills, basic English skills and logical reasoning. Typing is taught. OldeImage of Private Elementary School in San Diego County, CAr children are taught about layout and design and then move onto website creation and design, learning some of the programming commands for these. Children who advance will be given the opportunity of creating their own web page for this site.

English & Literature:
As part of enhancing the literacy level of the student, reading a large quantity of books appropriate to their level is encouraged. Grammar is taught along with creative writing. Spelling is emphasized along with comprehension.

Students are oriented to their immediate environment and visit local places of interest. They learn to read maps, learn about different countries, their resources, terrains and factors important to the culture. Older students are given more advanced map reading skills and learn in more detail about towns and cities and their functions.

American History is taught along with the importance of the founding fathers and the tenets upon which this country is built. An appreciation is given of ancient cultures including the Native Americans, Greeks, Romans, Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age mankind. The purpose of learning history is taught and some of the important European events from middle ages to present day.

Life Skills:
This covers several areas of importance that are necessary for improving a student's ability to deal with real life situations. These include: Communication skills, manners, morals and ethics, behavior, basic rules of sanitation, personal hygiene and safety, dexterity by solving puzzles, knot tying, crochet or knitting and cooking. Projects are embarked on to put these into practice such as recycling, clean-up campaigns, or entering competitions that will engage the students on these subjects.

The Math•U•See program is used in the school. Math-U-See is a manipulative-based math curriculum. It is Photos of Applied Scholastics Academy San Diegoa complete math program that utilizes interlocking, colorful blocks and fraction overlays to teach math, along with curriculum to provide the review and reinforcement. It provides a balanced approach to mathematical instruction by simultaneously emphasizing computation skills and conceptual understanding.

What Teachers Are Saying About The Math•U•See Program:

"Using Math•U•See, I see light bulbs turning on all year long in math class. With this program students seem more focused and attend better as they are actively involved throughout the lesson far more than other remedial programs I’ve tried. I teach and the student builds with the manipulative and there is immediate feedback with the active participation for both the student and the teacher. Students seem to like math now … One 5th grade student was doing an algebra problem and the general teacher was astonished, and he got to do another problem in front of the whole class, and they all were quite impressed. Another student even told me he helped his 8th grade brother do some algebra. There is plenty of review in the workbooks for students to understand and retain the information. Students don’t have a chance to forget skills as they get repeated enough to become solid."

"Math•U•See builds a solid math foundation that connects math that can be applied not only in testing situations but actually in the real world. The students see math as meaningful and relevant. Math•U•See has worked well in my resource room. Students love to come to the board and build problems in front of the group, as others follow at their seat. No one has a chance to snooze. I am able to juggle two math groups in one period by alternating instruction. Even those kids who suffer from “learned helplessness”, suddenly work independently because they can use the manipulatives to make the problems make sense."

We are pleased to introduce an expansion to our music curriculum in the 2008 fall term. From a professional musician and experienced member of our faculty, students will learn about rhythm and tempo with the aid of percussion instruments. They will learn to play instruments such as the recorder, piano and woodwind. They will learn to read music and learn styles of music. Competitions and performances will be held, with a chance for outstanding students to enter external competitions and performances.

Physical Education:
This is a strong component of our program, taking full advantage of the year-round sunny California weather with PE lessons given daily to every class. PE includes exercises to build up strength and balance and also team sports such as soccer and basketball. Competitions will be held between different teams and where possible, age-appropriate school teams will be put together to compete against other schools.

Using the successful materials that have been tried and tested around the world by Applied Scholastics, in combination with Study Technology, students advance above their grade level. This phonics-based approach handles the missed essentials from other types of approaches, while also improving the student's handwriting skills.

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Address: 5911 Severin Dr., La Mesa, 91942, San Diego County, California , USA
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