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Academy of Creative Training, Brighton:
Located in Brighton, Sussex, in Southeast England (60 miles south of London), The Academy of Creative Training is the only Drama School on the South Coast of England offering a professional actor training. ACT offers a range of acting courses for adults and young people from beginner to advanced levels. ACT attracts students of all ages and walks of life and enables people to realistically achieve their ambition of a career in the performing arts. Classes are in the evenings and at weekends so that students can continue to meet other commitments whilst re-training. Our team is comprised of highly experienced, passionate and dedicated people. They relish the opportunity to nurture new talent and are committed to creating a safe and inspiring environment. ACT tutors work at the National Theatre, the Lyric, the Globe, the RSC and the BBC. Similarly ACT graduates are to be found working on National and European tours, on BBC television and Radio, Independent Films, TIE tours and so on.

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The Two Week Intensive Acting Workshop:
Our Two Week Intensive Acting Workshop runs each month and is designed to introduce students to the basic principles and activities involved in an Actor Training. It is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those students wishing to build upon previous performance experience.

The workshop runs from Tuesday to Friday evening, from 7pm - 10pm for 2 consecutive weeks and incorporates 16 x 1.5 hour classes in Voice, Movement, Acting Technique, Improvising & Devising and Enhancing Creativity. Two classes are taught each evening.

Upon complePhoto of Acting Courses in Brighton, UKtion of the Workshop, each tutor submits a written evaluation of every student's potential in their discipline and students may then attend an individual feedback session and interview with the Principal.

Candidates for places on the Diploma and Foundation courses are usually required to complete the Workshop in order that we can determine their suitability for further training.

Diploma in Acting
The two year diploma trains actors to work as professionals in a modern, industry-relevant environment. Students will be able to undertake the rigours of a professional career having developed sound skills and techniques in acting and performance.

Students will develop their own robust working process, strong vocal and movement skills and the ability to create believable and fully rounded characters for stage or screen.

ACT aims to produce actors who are both dynamic and interesting and who can draw on their own, often varied and wide ranging life experiences, to produce work that is truthful and engaging.

The training environment will provide an inspiring, nurturing, safe and supportive environment. ACT has an absolute commitment to guiding each student to discover and develop their individual and unique talents and skills to the fullest possible extent.

The Diploma is open to students over 18 and there is no upper age limit. The course runs for six terms over 2 years and each term consists of 12 continuous weeks. Students are required to attend Tuesday to Friday evening 6.45pm to 10pm and Saturday daytime (times vary). Students will be expected to attend outside of these times when required.

Year One:
Students will be introduced to the language of drama and performance and develop their acting technique, process and critical understanding through the disciplines of; Acting Technique, Theatre History, Voice, Movement and Singing.

This year is predominantly about the develoImage of Acting Courses in Brighton, UKpment and acquisition of skills. Work will be based around the principals of Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov and students will discover how to work effectively with text and how to create and portray truthful and complex characters.

Each term students are in Project - rehearsal for, and performance of, a play or text given at the end of the term. These performances are in house and to the faculty and an invited audience only (from Term 2). This allows students to be both bold and playful in a safe environment and also to develop the ability to take creative risks before being exposed to public scrutiny.

Students' work is continuously assessed through class work, presentations and one-to-one tutorials. Each term students participate in Self Assessment, alongside written Tutor Assessment and termly 'Crit' sessions with the Principal and Project Director.

Year Two:
In Year Two students will capitalise on the skills developed in year one and focus on preparing and engaging themselves in the rigours of performance. Disciplines this year are; Voice, Movement, Musical Theatre, Intensive Duologue and Ensemble Scene Preparation, Acting for Camera, Shakespeare and Professional Studies.

Term 4 and 5 projects are presented in external venues and are open to the public. There are also public presentations of work developed in Voice, Movement and Musical Theatre.

Term 6 is preparation for Showcase and students will take classes and sessions in Professional Studies as well as workshops with visiting industry practitioners (Casting Directors, Agents, Equity etc). There is both a London (Jermyn Street Theatre) and a Brighton (Sallis Benney Theatre) Showcase. Students will also take their Trinity Guildhall Diploma exam in Speech and Drama (ATCL)


On completion of the course, and if successful in your assessments and examination, you will be awarded a Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama Diploma (ATCL). This qualification is accredited in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by QCA, DELLS/WAG and CCEA respectively and has formal recognition in a number of other countries. This is a Level 4 qualification on the National Qualification Framework (equivalent to a Certificate in Higher Education).

Within the 6th term students take a 45 minute practical exam which will test your abilities with dramatic text, improvisation, verse and prose. As well as demonstrating your acting abilities you will also have to demonstrate the ability to discuss your work and working process.

On graduation you will receive both your ACT Diploma Certificate and your Trinity Guildhall Diploma Certificate. Holders of Trinity Guildhall Associate Diplomas (ATCL) are entitled to wear an academic gown.

Entry Requirements:
The Diploma is open to students over 18 and there is no upper age limit. The Diploma is a demanding and intensive training course offering a comprehensive actor training. Prospective students must have talent, self-belief, motivation, commitment, dedication, self-discipline and a generosity of spirit. Students must be able to take responsibility for their own development, be in good health, have good time management skills and a clear understanding of both the vagaries of an acting career as well as its joys.

Upon completion of the Workshop, every tutor submits a written evaluation of each student's potential in their discipline. Students then attend an individual feedback session and interview with the Principal. This process allows us to determine a candidate's suitability for training and, in the case of successful applicants, which course is most appropriate for their existing skill level.

Foundation In Acting:
Foundation aims to bridge the gap between a basic understanding of drama and performance and professional training. Building on people's natural abilities, the course is an ideal forum in which to discover each student's unique creative potential. The course is designed to develop a balance of skills in an atmosphere where the student can work freely, safely and confidently with professionals who care.

Students will have the opportunity to develop skills and techniques in acting, movement, voice and singing. Students will explore the use of dramatic language in a range of contexts to help free their expressive abilities and extend their range. The skills acquired will be applied to rehearsals where students will be working on termly projects and with a professional director towards a final public performance.

Foundation aims to equip those students who wish to pursue actor training at Diploma level but lack the necessary experience with the fundamental tools, techniques and understanding for progression. It will also suit those students who wish to broaden their knowledge and practical skills in acting and drama but who do not necessarily wish to purse a professional career. Foundation has also proved to be beneficial to those wishing to extend their training into a broader context such as Drama Therapy, Teaching or Training.

Foundation is open to students over 1Photos of Academy of Creative Training, Brighton8 and there is no upper age limit. The course runs for three terms over one year. Each term consists of 12 continuous weeks. Students are required to attend Sunday 12 noon to 7pm and Monday evening 6.45pm to 10pm. During production weeks students may have to attend outside of these times when required.
Course structure:

Students will be introduced to the fundamental skills of drama and performance through practical lessons which are structured to develop their understanding of dramatic language through the disciplines of; Acting Technique, Voice, Movement, Singing and Project.

The year is predominantly about the development and acquisition of practical skills which will enable students to work effectively as part of a group and as individual performers. Work will be predominantly based around the principals of Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov.

Each term students are in Project - rehearsal for, and performance of, a play or text given at the end of the term. These performances are in house and to the faculty and an invited audience only for terms 1 and 2. This allows students to be both bold and playful in a safe environment and also to develop the ability to take creative risks before being exposed to public scrutiny. Term 3 Project is performed in a local professional venue and is directed by a guest professional director.

There is no formal qualification attached to this course. On successful completion of the course students will be awarded with an ACT Foundation in Acting Certificate.

Entry Requirements:
Foundation is open to students over 18 and there is no upper age limit. Prior experience of acting and/or some training is desirable but not necessary. Students are usually assessed as to their suitability via the Two Week Workshop. As a rough guide the course would be sit between sixth form (A levels / BTEC) and University (Degree) level. However, it must be stressed that this is a purely practical course.

Foundation mirrors the rigours of Actor Training and the Industry therefore students must be able to commit fully to the course and a very high standard of punctuality and attendance is expected. Prospective students must be able to demonstrate the ability to work supportively and sympathetically with others, be able to take responsibility for their own development and be in good health.

Creative Playground:
The Creative Playground is an Intermediate course designed for those who have some prior experience and wish to engage in creative play and explore acting skills with like-minded individuals and under the guidance of experienced professionals.

The course attracts an eclectic range of students from professional actors, teachers and writers through to experienced amateur actors and relative newcomers who have completed an ACT Summer School or workshop.

Classes are held each Monday night from 7 - 10pm and term runs for 10 weeks in Terms 1 and 2 and 12 weeks in Term 3. There are three terms in total for those wishing to take all three modules but students may enrol for just one or two terms if they prefer.

Terms One and Two:
20 weeks of creative playing! These terms are designed to allow for constant challenge, variety and an introduction to new skills and concepts. Some weeks there are 2 x one and a half hour sessions, other weeks an Intensive double session. Classes include Voice, Movement, Dance, Acting Technique, Meisner, Screen Acting, Commedia dell'Arte, Neutral Mask, Stanislavsky, Improvisation, Devising and more.

Term Three - The Production Term:
In order to enrol for this Production Term students must normally have completed either or both of the previous two terms.

Working with a professional Director, students form a 'Poor Theatre' company which will rehearse each Monday night from 7 - 10pm towards the presentation of a full length play to a public audience, at a venue in the City for at least 2 performances.

Each student will have a role in the production and will also work on other aspects of the production such as marketing, set design and build, publicity, wardrobe, prop making, stage management, sound and so on. This term follows the model of a fringe theatre production wherein all the actors must skillshare in order to ensure the 'show goes on!'

Summer School:
Three week long courses from mid August til beg. September. Classes daily from 10am - 5pm with an evening performance on the final Friday.

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Address: 8-10 Rock Place, Brighton, BN2 1PF, East Sussex, England , UK & England
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