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Classic Chess Online: This is regular chess played against the computer online. Observe, think logically, and plan a good strategy! Have fun playing this awesome game for life.

“Strategy requires thought; tactics require observation” – Max Euwe, a Dutch chess Grandmaster, and World Chess Champion (1935–37).

How to Play: First, choose the playing mode. ‘Shallow’ mode is for Pentium II-class computers (old ones), and ‘Deep” mode is for Pentium III / Athlon-class computers. You move the blue figures on the game screen, and the computer plays with pink. To move a blue figure, Left Click on it using your mouse, and the computer highlights the cells which you can move to. Then, click on your preferred cell to move the chess piece into it. The game history and a ‘Restart’ button are displayed on the right side of the game screen.

It has been reported that there is a problem to make Castle in this game. You are welcome to play our other online chess games if you encounter such a problem.

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  1. Love this chess game

  2. :) sup good game

    1. yea thats funny


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