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Computer board games for children, teens & Big Kids. From classic to newest, from simple fun to the most challenging. Have fun!

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3D Chess: This challenging game is a regular fun and engaging 2D chess game with 3D view that should not be mixed up with Tri-Dimensional Chess (Tri-D Chess) or Three-dimensional chess (3D chess or Raumschach). Pick your desired difficulty level for this classic board game, depending on your ability. Remember to move strategically and logically. Good luck!

How to Play: Choose between 3 difficulty levels (advanced, casual or beginner) where you can set the level of how "smart" the computer will be playing against you. Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard ('Up', 'Down', 'Left' & 'Right') to accelerate, brake and to turn left and right. If you take the first game move, you will automatically be playing with the white pieces. You can choose to play with the black pieces by letting the computer start first.

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Battleship: Can you sink your opponent’s battleships before he sinks yours in this fun and challenging classic battleship game? Position your battleship pieces as strategically as you can, so that the computer will have trouble guessing where they are. Guess where your opponent’s ships are positioned on the board and sink them with the least possible moves. Good luck sinking those battleships!

How to Play: Choose where to position your ships on the game screen. Use your computer mouse to deploy your battleships by left clicking on them and pointing at the board. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to turn / rotate a ship before you place it on the board. After you have selected the right position for the battleship, left click to set it in place. The second board is your opponent’s (computer) board. Select the position on that board and left click with your mouse to shoot. If you have hit the computer’s ship, you can try to hit it once more until you miss or sink it’s ship. Sometimes, the ships can be positioned adjacent to each other on the playing board.

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Free Mahjongg (Mah-Jongg, Mahjong) Game Online: Mah Jongg (also written or known as Mahjongg, Mijang, Taipei, Morejongg, Mindjongg) is a classic Chinese game.  The original Mahjong played with similar pieces but under a different concept.

How to Play: The objective of Mahjong is to remove all pieces from the board. You have to match 2 identical tiles having numbers on them or the similar tiles having just a picture on them to clear those tiles. For example a flower may match another kind of plant or flower. A dancing girl will match another girl with the same or different clothing.

Selectable tiles have the left or right side unblocked and nothing on top of them. Make sure you open the most important tiles first (the top and the left and right sides) in order to have as many tiles unblocked as possible all of the time.

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3-In-1 Checkers is a fun 1-player online version of the well-known Checkers board game (also called Draughts). You play against the computer, and have to remove all of your opponent’s checkers pieces by jumping over them and landing on a similar colored square to the one that you jumped from. Unlike most online checkers games this version has some new playing modes which add a cool twist to the classic strategy game. Pit your wits against varying levels of computer-controlled opponents, and try your best to come out on top.

Your strategic planning abilities will be exercised, as you have to carefully plan your moves in advance. Surprisingly, your quick reactions will also be tested, as some of the game modes require quick-fire moves and fast decision making. Have you got the strategic know-how to be crowned the Checkers King (or Queen)? See if you can ‘sweep the board’, and defeat the computer. Good luck!

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3D Spark Chess: This fun and challenging board game is an improved and enhanced version of the classic and well-known 3D chess game for all chess enthusiasts. A much faster and better algorithm is used in this engaging game, and players can select the level of difficulty of the game. Good luck and move strategically!

How to Play: Choose between several levels of difficulty (Beginner, Casual, Advanced & Guru) which sets the level of "intelligence" used by the computer. Choose to play whites or black. Use your computer mouse to click on and move the game pieces.

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OK Checkers fans, it’s time to hone your strategic thinking and decision making skills in this online version of the classic board game (also known as English Draughts). Master Checkers is a virtual 1-player version of Checkers where you take on a computer-controlled opponent in a tense board-game battle. Your aim is to remove all of your opponent’s checkers pieces by jumping over them and landing on a similar colored square to the one that you diagonally jumped from.

Your opponent is tricky, and difficult to beat, so your move planning abilities must be at their best. Use your superior thinking skills to your advantage, and plot your way to ultimate victory. Checkers is a classic test of the mind – have you got what it takes to become the Master? Good luck, and happy playing!

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Play Gobang, a classic Chinese board game with black and white Go stones. This game is a tougher version of TicTac Toe. Choose the game mode: Computer vs Human (computer starts first), Human vs Computer (you start first) or Player vs Player (where you can play against your friend). You play with the white stones, and your aim is to be the first to align 5 of your stones sequentially in one line – no matter whether it is horizontally, vertically or diagonally. However your opponent tries to do the same and you need watch his/her moves closely. Enjoy this game playing on your own or with friends, school buddies or family members.

How to Play: The game is played in turns. A stone must be put on the intersection of the lines. You must try to prevent your opponent from achieving 5 aligned stones first by putting your stone in between his/hers. Place your Go stones using the left click of your computer mouse. If you lose or win the round and want to play again, simply click on the 'Start' icon, which is located at the right side of the game screen. The list of moves made can be seen in a table under the 'Start' icon. You may undo your last move or receive a hint on where to place your stone next by clicking “hint” icon located at the right bottom corner of the game screen.

Tip: Always watch out for your opponent's lines forming 3 stones in a row or 2 and 2 (or 1) separated by one space. You have just one move left to prevent your opponent forming a line of 5 stones in that case. As a preventative measure, try to put your stone next to any group of 2 or 3 stones of your opponent (at either end of the line). This will leave him/her with just one direction of forming the line. At the beginning, while you are still learning the game, do not attempt to form your line of 5 stones. Instead, work on blocking your opponent lines. Defense can often be the best form of offense!

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Easy Chess: Play against the computer in this easier version of the popular, classic chess game. This game is suitable for beginners looking for an easy opponent. You always play white and the computer plays black. In this game, you always begin. Develop your brain cells and have lots of fun in this highly entertaining game!

How to Play: Read the rules in the ‘Rules’ section on the game screen, if you don’t know how to play chess yet. Use your computer mouse to move a piece by clicking on it and on the cell you want to move it to. Left click on a different figure if you change your mind and decide to move another piece. Hover your mouse over a free cell to highlight the cell, if you are allowed to move the figure into that cell. See the game history on the right side of the game screen. There are also ‘Undo’, ‘Replay’ and ‘Quit’ buttons on the screen.

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Dragon Mahjong is a variation of the addicting, classic Chinese board game that will toast your brain cells yet leave you wanting to play again and again. It’s a mind workout like no other, and provides fun for all the family - children, adults and seniors alike. You have 6 different screen layouts to choose from. Your objective is to remove all of the stacked-up tiles (pieces) from the board. It sounds simple but can be quite tricky. Once you start, you’ll be hooked! Dragon Mahjong will certainly keep you on your toes. Brain exercise has never been such fun!

How to Play: Match two identical tiles and they’ll disappear from the board. The tiles don’t always have to be the exact same in appearance or number. For example, a flower might match with a plant. Most tiles however, will have some kind of Chinese symbol on them that requires an exact match. Not all tiles are free. Here’s the catch - You can only choose tiles that have no other tiles on at least one side (either to the left or to the right). A yellow outline appears over the free tiles when you hover (point) over them with your computer mouse. You can see the number of available matches at the bottom left of the screen.

The game ends if there are no matches left or if you have somehow managed to clear the board of all tiles. If you start to go cross-eyed, feel a bit wobbly and need some help, it might be time to use the Hint button. You will lose points for this but it can help you out if you get stuck or feel you are losing your mind! Just press the “H” key, and the matching pairs will blink for you.

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Free Checkers Game Online: First choose the difficulty level if you are going to play against the computer or choose your friend as your opponent. You will be playing as RED and red starts the game. There are simple checkers rules: Starting with Red, the players take turns moving one of their own pieces. A 'piece' means either a 'man'--an ordinary single checker or a 'king' which is what a man becomes if it reaches the last rank. A man may move one square diagonally only forward - that is, toward the opponent - onto an empty square.  A 'king' may move back and forward.

Captures are mandatory. If a square diagonally in front of a man is occupied by an opponent's piece, and if the square beyond that piece in the same direction is empty, the man may 'jump' over the opponent's piece and land on the empty square. The opponent's piece is captured and removed from the board.

If in the course of single or multiple jumps the man reaches the last rank, becoming a king, the turn shifts to the opponent. No further 'continuation' jump is possible.

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Chinese Checkers is a variation of the classic Chinese Checkers game. This is a fun and addicting game that helps develop your logic skills. Make those brain cells work hard! Clear as many pieces as possible in this highly entertaining board game. Have fun!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to clear a piece by jumping over another peg. Left click on a piece and drag it over the other piece to put into an empty cell next to it. You are allowed to jump horizontally / diagonally, but there must be a free cell directly after the peg you jump over.

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BattleShip The Beginning is a classic naval strategy board and cannon shooting game for all the family, where you have to seek out and then sink hidden enemy ships before they destroy all of yours (You play play against the computer). Set back in the 1600’s at the end of the golden age of piracy, this rustic game is a welcome treat with superb modern graphics and sound effects. It’s a full-on, explosive battle at sea, where only the most calculating and determined side will prevail!

In order to win this game, you need to outwit the enemy using your superb tactical warfare skills! OK, sound the trumpet, let’s go to war skipper! Your job is to annihilate the hidden enemy fleet – blast them out of the water. The first side to destroy all of the opponent’s fleet wins! The enemy ships are hidden, so you have to estimate or predict where they might have strategically placed themselves. Once you get a hit (on part of their ship), you have a clearer picture of where the rest of the ship might be hidden and how they are positioned (vertically or horizontally). Now you’re getting closer to victory!

Once you get a hit, you get another free turn. Think hard before you fire your cannon balls. Don’t waste shots! Try aiming for squares 4/5 distances apart in order to more quickly locate the positions of your opponent’s ships. They won’t all be located in one part of the grid! OK officer, ready for some all-action adventures on the high seas? Good luck, think ahead and don’t lose! Aye Aye Captain!

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Cruiser is a modern version of the Battleship (Sea Battle) naval strategy and missile shooting game for children and Big Kids where you get to deploy a fleet of fighter ships to secret locations on a grid in order to do battle with an unknown armada. Play against the computer (your opponent) inthis challenging online game, and place your ships in grid locations that make it difficult for your opponent to guess. Your opponent also has ships hidden beneath the sea, and you have to fire missiles to destroy them before your opponent eliminates your fleet. Your rank starts at Midshipman - if you gain good experience destroying enemy ships, you get promoted.

How to Play: The game is played on two 10 x 10 grids, one for each player. Before play begins, you have to arrange your ships on your grid. Each of your ships has a unique set of characteristics and occupies a number of horizontal or vertical consecutive squares. Ships include Aircraft Carrier (5 grid squares), Cruiser (4 grid squares), Submarine (3 grid squares), Destroyer(3 grid squares) and Gunboat (2 grid squares). You can also buy additional Mines with your virtual money that is displayed in the top left corner of the game screen. If your opponent fires at one of the mines that you have placed on your grid, their ship reveals itself by displaying a green grid square. When you have deployed all of your ships and mines click on the “start” icon to begin.

You and your opponent take turns firing into each others waters (grids). Start by clicking on a square in your opponent’s grid to fire this position. If you hit a ship, you see flames (If not, the missile drops into the water and the grid square turns grey). When all of the grid squares that the ship occupies have been hit, the ship is sunk. After all of your opponents ships have been sunk, you pass to the next level. If all of your ships are sunk, it’s game over Admiral.

Tip: The more experienced you get, the more virtual cash you can earn,allowing you to buy additional weapons which include - ”Plasma Cannons” that destroy entire enemy ships with the first hit, - ”Torpedoes” that cross into your opponents grid until they hit a ship or island, - ”Missile Volleys” that fire at large areas of your opponents field, - ”Radar” that helps you detect where your opponent's ships are.

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It’s time to play dominoes! Sebastopol Dominoes is a straight-forward online board game and brain-teaser where you have to take on three opponents in the ancient game of dominoes. In this 4-player game against the computer, your opponents are named after three great philosophers: Aristotle, Plato and Socrates. You must try to outsmart your opponents and ‘get rid’ of all your dominoes to succeed. Think you’ve got the math matching skills to become the Domino Champ? Good, put on your thinking cap and let’s deal those tiles!

How to Play: Dominoes is a tile-based board game where you have to match the dominoes that are already on the board with dominoes from your own hand (Dominoes are rectangular tiles that have two ends, both with a certain number of dots on them.) Each ‘Round’ is completed when one player gets rid of all of his / her dominoes. You can ‘play’ a domino by matching the number of dots on one of the tiles on the board with the number of dots on one of your own dominoes.

In Sebastopol Dominoes, there are 4 players in each game – Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and you. At the beginning of every ‘Round’, each player is dealt 7 dominoes. The board is cross-shaped, and the players take turns to ‘play’ (use up / get rid of) dominoes until one player wins by using up all of his dominoes. Your 7 dominoes on the right hand side of the game screen, but you are not able to see any of your opponents’ dominoes (but you can see how many they have left).

Whichever player is dealt the double-six domino goes first by placing the double-six in the center. If you receive the double-six, just click ‘OK’ with your computer mouse and the double-six will automatically be placed in the center. Play proceeds clockwise with each player taking a turn (the computer plays the turn of your 3 competitors.) Dominoes must be ‘played’ on all four sides of the double-six, i.e., tiles with sixes on them must be placed on all sides around it. After that, you may match each domino from your hand with any of the four outer tiles of the cross.

For example, if the outer tile on one of the sides of the board star has a 5 on it, you can play any domino in your hand that has a 5 on at least one side. When it is your turn to play, click and drag the domino you want to use onto the domino that matches it on the board. If you have no move – Left Click ‘Pass’ in the bottom left corner of the game screen. The winner of each round receives the total number of points in the other players’ hands. You can decide on the menu screen how many points are needed for overall victory. Rounds are continually played until someone wins the game by reaching the set points total.

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Free Chess Game Online against the computer is a great educational games for kids and the whole family. You can play against another player or against the computer. The choice is yours. Select the computer's game speed from slow to fast and start playing. You move whites, therefore you start the game. Click on a piece to move it and the computer will indicate the surrounding cells to which you can make the move. It will also indicate the piece if the move is not possible. You will see the game history on the right side of the game screen. Do your best to win the game!

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ZnemChess is a chess board game for kids, grownups and seniors, where the ultimate goal is to trap the leader of the opposing army - the king. This is called Checkmate and results in a win for the checkmating side. This is a fun and challenging mind workout suitable for all ages. Have a go! See if you have the mental prowess to capture a king. Good luck Mastermind!

OK, so you are playing against the computer –and you both take turns until someone wins or the game ends in a draw. You play as the white pieces at the bottom of the chessboard. White moves first. The computer has the black pieces. Standard chess rules and setup applies here. Once pieces are captured, they disappear off the playing area. A player can take a piece off the opponent by moving one of his own pieces to the square that contains a piece of the opponent.

The two armies oppose each other across the board. The smallest pieces (pawns) man each army's second row, and the larger pieces are on the first row. The royal couple of King and Queen sit in the center of the army, flanked by the bishops, knights and rooks. ZnemChess a great game to play for chess beginners as the computer can be easier to beat here than on other chess games! Have fun trying!

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The aim of the Blob Wars is to gain control of the board by attacking your opponent's blobs and converting them to your own. The rules are very simple - Spawn a blob into an adjacent space or Jump into an open space one square away. First choose to play either the 1 player or 2 player game. Then select whether you are going to play a single game, best of three or best of five game.

Choose the board, and start playing. Select a blob on your team by clicking on it using your computer mouse. Once selected, your blob is highlighted and the possible moves you can take are shown with the darkened green tiles. Click on the highlighted space to complete your move. A single square move multiplies your blob – a new blob appears where you select and the first blob stays where it was. A two square move removes your original blob.

After you make a move, your opponent's blobs, that are next to your blob, become captured and change into your blobs. The winner has the most blobs when the board is filled. If you can't make a move, then you have to click on 'Pass'. Empty spaces will automatically be filled with your opponent's blobs, and then the score will be calculated. Good Luck!

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Robo Chess Game is a simple online chess game played against a computer (robot). Your aim is to capture the robot's king. You move the whites, and therefore you start the game. Then each player (you and the robot) take single turns. To move a piece, just click on it and the computer will indicate cells onto which you can make the move. Click on a different figure if you change your mind and decide to move another piece. The figures move as in a usual chess game. If you decide to restart the game, click on 'New Game' at the bottom of the game screen. Good luck against the robot!

How to play: Using your mouse, left click on a chess piece to see the available moves. Then click on the cell you have decided to move the piece to.

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Classic Chess Online: This is regular chess played against the computer online. Observe, think logically, and plan a good strategy! Have fun playing this awesome game for life.

"Strategy requires thought; tactics require observation" - Max Euwe, a Dutch chess Grandmaster, and World Chess Champion (1935–37).

How to Play: First, choose the playing mode. ‘Shallow’ mode is for Pentium II-class computers (old ones), and ‘Deep” mode is for Pentium III / Athlon-class computers. You move the blue figures on the game screen, and the computer plays with pink. To move a blue figure, Left Click on it using your mouse, and the computer highlights the cells which you can move to. Then, click on your preferred cell to move the chess piece into it. The game history and a ‘Restart’ button are displayed on the right side of the game screen.

It has been reported that there is a problem to make Castle in this game. You are welcome to play our other online chess games if you encounter such a problem.

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Check Mate is a regular chess game played against the computer. The engine of the game is really fast and well developed. The general rules of chess apply in this game as well. Choose the difficulty level of the game (easy, medium, hard) and start playing. You are the blue figure player and you start the game. To select a piece or a square, left click on the figure. When a piece is selected, all the possible moves are shown automatically on the board. Select the best square to move and click on it. The last moves made by you and the computer, are shown at the left side of the game screen. Can you checkmate the computer?

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