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Florida Air Academy:
Situated in Melbourne FL, Florida Air Academy is a premier military day and boarding school for boys & girls in grades 6-12. We provide academic excellence enhanced by exciting electives, clubs, sports and activities, with small class sizes and a low student-teacher ratio.

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Co-ed Military Day & Boarding School Programs for students in Grades 6-12:
Photo of Military Academy Prep School in FloridaFlorida Air Academy offers a wide range of college preparatory academic offerings including Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses.  100% Attention. 100% College Admission.

Unlike other academic specialty schools, we offer small classes, a caring and state-certified faculty, mandatory evening study halls, and after-school teacher help sessions are just a few of the reasons the Academy has had a 100% college acceptance rate for our Seniors for more than 20 years. 

Middle School Program:

6th Grade Curriculum

- English
- Language Arts
- Mathematics
- Science
- Social Studies
- Spanish
- Computers
- Physical Education

7th and 8th Grade Curriculum
- English
- Language Arts
- Mathematics
- Science
- History
- Character Education
- Creative Wheel: Art, Music, and Computers

High School Program:
9th Grade

- English 1
- Algebra 1*
- Biology
- * Aerospace Science I: Aviation History (AFJROTC)
- Required first year of High School at FAA
- Spanish - Level 1
- Physical Education
- Health 
10th Grade
- English 2
- Geometry *(Algebra 1 Prerequisite)
- Chemistry *(Algebra 2 Prerequisite)
- World History
- Spanish - Level 2
- Computer Science or Elective
- Aerospace Science I: Aviation History (AFJROTC)* (If not previously taken)

11th Grade
- English 3
- Algebra 2 *(Algebra 1 & Geometry Prerequisites)
- Science Elective
- American History
- Health
- Art
- Elective
- Aerospace Science I: Aviation History (AFJROTC)* (If not previously taken)

12th Grade
- English 4
- Pre-Calculus (Image of Military Academy Prep School in FloridaAlgebra 2 Prerequisite)
- Calculus (Pre-calculus Honors Prerequisite)
- Physics (Algebra 2 & Chemistry Prerequisite)
- College Algebra/Trigonometry (Pre-calculus Prerequisite)
- American Government and Economics
- (2) Electives
- Aerospace Science I: Aviation History (AFJROTC)* (If not previously taken)

High School Electives (Grades 9 to 12)
- 3-D Art I & II
- Aerospace Science (AFJROTC): 
- Aerospace Science II:Space Exploration 
- Aerospace Science III: Science of Flight 
- Aerospace Science IV: Leadership Development 
- Aerospace Science IV: Special Teams
- Leadership Education I: Global and Cultural Studies
- Civic Law
- Current Events
- College Algebra and Trigonometry
- Computer Business Applications (Office 2003)
- Computer Graphics
- Computer Programming (Java & Visual Basic)
- Computer Repair (CompTIA A+ Certification Prep)
- Drum and Bugle
- English as a Second Language (ESOL)
- Film Study
- Geography
- Geology
- Instrumentals
- Life Management
- Music Appreciation
- Photography
- Physical Education
- Psychology (1 semester)
- Public Speaking
- Sociology (1 semester)
- Spanish Levels 3-4
- Web Design
- Yearbook

The Guidance Department reserves the right to schedule students according to aptitude indicated by standardized test scores and previous academic record. The Academy also reserves the right to add or drop courses based upon class enrollment.

Honors and Advanced Placement Program:
These courses are designed to challenge academically talented and motivated students. The opportunity to earn college credits through the AP exams can save students a great deal of time and money when they enter college as a freshmen.

Honors Courses:
- English I
- English II
- English III
- Spanish I
- Spanish II
- Spanish III
- Spanish IV
- Algebra I
- Algebra II
- Geometry
- Pre-Calculus
- Biology
- Chemistry
- World History
- Government/Economics

Advanced Placement Courses
- 11th Grade: English Language and Composition and United States History
- 12th Grade: English Literature, Spanish Language, Physics-C, Calculus AB

Dual Enrollment Program Features
- College Algebra/Trigonometry (taught on campus)
- Dual enrollment opportunities for Seniors who are authorized to have a car on campus and can travel to local colleges and universities.

Optional Academic Programs
- SAT Preparation (non-credit)
- Tutorial Math (non-credit)
- TOEFL Preparation
- English as a Second Language (ESL)
- Tutoring (may be required for students performing below grade level)

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Address: 1950 South Academy Drive, Melbourne, Florida , USA