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Hotel & Tourism Management Courses in Paris, France

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AIM - Hotel & Tourism Management School, Paris:
Located in the heart of Paris, Académie Intérnationale de Management (AIM) is an English-speaking hotel & tourism management school dedicated to the education and training of future international hospitality managers. AIM is proud to be the very first Hotel Management School in Continental Europe to introduce and offer accredited and internationally-recognized Bachelor of Science in International Hotel and Tourism Management and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hotel & Tourism Management degree programs in the field of hotel and tourism management. In addition, we offer professional management certification programs (from 2 days to 2 semesters in length).

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Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Hotel and Tourism Management:

Bachelor of Science (BS) in International Hotel and Tourism Management Degree Program (3 years)

Photo of Hotel & Tourism Management Courses in Paris, FranceAIM's Bachelor of Science in International Hotel and Tourism Management degree program offers direct access to managerial positions and is a required step for students willing to continue their graduate studies.

In the first year, AIM's course material and organization are designed to develop the student's ability to analyze and synthesize information. This ability is a key factor for future decision-making in an increasingly complex environment.

The second year entails ample use of active learning methods, requiring assimilation of theoretical principles acquired in class. They include role-playing, group assignments, and on-site research missions.

The third year involves applied, in-depth studies in management and business, with role-playing in a commercial context and audit assignments.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hotel & Tourism Management (2 years)
AIM's MBA Professional in Hotel & Tourism Management is taught entirely through English. This high-caliber, specialized professional program is designed to prepare students for high-quality management positions in large tourism companies and international hotels.

Dual Degree option - MBA + Bachelor of Science degree:
Students who have successfully completed two years of studies, may receive the Bachelor of Science degree from AIM provided that they have also earned four Professional Certificates.

1st Year Curriculum: 'MBA Preparatory'
The organization of the first year program is conceived to value the competence that  the students have already acquired, by using managerial knowledge to develop their sense of research, teamwork,  analysis, and personal initiative.

Modules include:
- Club Management*
- Financial Accounting*
- Rooms Dept. Management
- Human Resources Management*
- Food & Beverage Management – HACCP
- Revenue Management* (AHLEI Certification)
- Strategic Marketing And Sales for International Hotels*
- CRASE (Cornell Restaurant Administration Strategic Exercise)
- CHASE (Cornell Hotel Administration Strategic Exercise)
- French for beginners
* = Certification Classes

2nd Year Curriculum: 'MBA Professional'
The specialization courses are monitored by active methods to respond to operational requirements of demanding, up-market companies in hospitality.

Modules include:
- e-Commerce
- Entrepreneurship
- Corporate Finance
- Managerial Accounting*
- Supervision in Hospitality Operations*
- Project Development in Restaurant Management
- International Hotel Management contracts
- Management Communications
- Management of Procurement and Purchasing in multi-unit operations
* = Certification Classes

MBA Entry Requirements:
- Good comprehension of English
- Minimum 2 years of University study with a degree or a diploma.
- Real motivation for quality
- Capacity for intensive and sustained work
- Well-groomed presentation

Professional Management Certification Programs (from 2 days to 2 semesters in length)
Image of Hotel & Tourism Management Courses in Paris, FranceIncludes Academic Management Studies (AMS); Financial Management Workshop; Online Hotel Revenue Management among others. 

Online Hotel Revenue Management Certification Offered by Cornell University:
This online certificate program in hotel revenue management offered by eCornell (Cornell University's online division) provides a holistic view of the application of hotel revenue management concepts and practices to the hospitality industry.

Participants who successfully complete the program receive the Hotel Revenue Management Certificate from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration.

The Hotel Revenue Management Certification aims to teach participants to maximize revenue by:
- Applying forecasting and availability controls
- Managing pricing and distribution channel overbooking and group management practices
- Using nontraditional revenue management practices

Who is this course designed for?

This online certificate course is open to AIM students and participants of professional seminars and workshops organized by AIM. It is aimed at Hospitality Managers; General Managers; Revenue Mangers; Directors and other hospitality professionals responsible for the financial performance of their organization.

Academic Management Studies - 1 year (2 Semesters)
For those seeking career change opportunities, a refresher course, or an individualized continuing education program, the AMS Program offers a one-year curriculum leading to AHLEI's Certificates in International Hotel Management. Requirements:

1) At least two years of university studies with a corresponding degree or four years of professional experience. 2) High level of proficiency in English. 3) Availability for full-time study. Full attendance is mandatory.

Students who successfully complete this program are also eligible to enter the Master of Science program at the second-year level.

Hospitality Internship Program (Work Experience Placements)
AIM's close collaboration with leading international hotel chains and other world-class establishments provides a highly effective means for preparing students for entry into active professional life.

Summer Season - May to September:
All students participate in professional summer internships the world over.

1) The first internship, aptly named "ouvrier" (worker), is modeled on similar programs organized by the French "Grandes Ecoles". It is primarily a Front Office/ rooms and restaurant work program and emphasizes interfacing with the clientele.

2) Subsequent internships, taking place in the Back Office, provide the opportunity to apply theoretical, technical and practical knowledge at the general administration level, by focusing on management services, finance and accounting, purchasing, marketing, and human resources.

Upon graduation, an overwhelming majority of our students are offered full-time employment in one of the establishments at which they performed their internship.

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Address: 2 Rue Charbonnel, 75013, Paris, France
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Paro Bhutan;   Le mans;   Ankleshwar/Gujarat, Poland;   Kazakhstan;   Davao, Philippines;   Victoria, Seychelles;   Rouen;   Switzerland;   DARDILLY;   France;   and more.
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Studying in Paris is a great opportunity for our students to be immersed in one of the most important political, diplomatic, economic and cultural capitals in the world. Schiller International University is conveniently located close to the Place de la Convention in central Paris.

Schiller is unique in that it gives students the opportunity to transfer from one campus to another, from one country to another, remaining in the same university without a loss of time or credit. Schiller International University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award Associate, Bachelor, and Master degrees. ACICS is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
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- International Management (MIM)
- International Relations & Diplomacy (MA)

Bachelor Degree Programs:
- Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)
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- International Relations & Diplomacy (BA)

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Grenoble INP - Ense3
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Grenoble has always been in the forefront of the development of new technologies in the field of energy and water management. Taking full advantage of this background, the Ense3 school trains high-level engineers and doctors able to take up the challenges associated with the new energy order, with the increasing demand of water, both in quantity and quality, and with the sustainable development and country planning.

Students of a school belonging to the French network of Grandes Ecoles d'Ingénieurs are admitted only after a highly competitive exam or through a scrupulous examination of their application by a selection committee.
Master degree programs in:
- Hydraulic Engineering (taught in English)
- Electrical Engineering for Smart Buildings and Grids (taught in English)
- Fluid Mechanics and Energetics (taught in English)
- Electrical Power Engineering
- Mechanical & Energy Engineering
- Nuclear & Energy
- Energy Systems and Associated Markets
- Hydraulics, Civil & Environmental Engineering
- Automatic control, Systems and Information technology
- Signal & Image Processing, Communication Systems & Multimedia
- Product Design
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One of the top French engineering universities, INSA Lyon (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon), multidisciplinary and international, is at the heart of the European Higher Education Area. INSA Lyon is a comprehensive University of Science and Technology with post-baccalauréat (A-Levels) admission. The five year curriculum aims at training engineers who possess humane qualities and multiple competences in 12 specialised fields. Each year, some 900 students obtain the INSA Lyon Master of Engineering Degree. The 12 fields are Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Civil Engineering and Urbanism, Electrical Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Design, Mechanical Engineering Development, Mechanical Engineering and Plasturgy Processes, Industrial Engineering, Computer Sciences, Materials Science and Engineering, Telecommunications.
INSA Lyon Master of Engineering - a comprehensive 5 year curriculum, Masters of Science, Advanced Masters, PhD, French intensive summer school, Erasmus Mundus Master of Mechanical Engineering
American University Center of Provence, Marseille
Courses / Programs
Situated in Marseille in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, department of Bouches-du-Rhône in southeastern France, the American University Center of Provence offers for-credit, high-level French immersion programs as Fall, Spring and Year-round options. Courses taught in French focus on French and Arabic language and civilization, Middle East area studies, immigration issues, inter-religious communication and cross-cultural mediation. We offer on-site study in Tunisia in the Fall and Morocco in the Spring. At the forefront of cross-cultural communication, the Marseille program integrates a rigorous academic setting with guided cultural experience outside the classroom.

Using the acclaimed French Practicum core program, AUCP academics combine advanced level with experiential learning components including individual homestay, language partner and community service. This authentic French classroom experience integrates French-as-a-second language methodology. Nonetheless, students are assumed to have an “advanced” level in French (minimum of two years college French, or equivalent) and sign a language pledge to speak only French during their stay at the AUCP.
Fall, Spring and Year-round Programs in

* International Relations
* Political Science
* Immigration
* Middle East Studies
* Cross-Cultural Mediation

- The Programs are taught in French