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Pastry Arts Courses in France

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Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie:
Founded in 1984, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie (ENSP) provides quality pastry and baking arts education to both prestigious chefs and students from all over the world. Situated in Yssingeaux in south-central France, ENSP has been recognized by top pastry professionals worldwide as France’s leading school in pastry and baking arts. The school is owned by Yves Thuries and Alain Ducasse who are highly-influential chefs in the culinary world today.

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French Pastry Arts Diploma Program:
- 5.5 months of practical training in the laboratory + 2 months of internship

Photo of Pastry Arts Courses in FranceThe FPA program provides strong fundamentals in French Pastry Arts and will allow you to begin working in a professional environment. It is a highly intensive pastry course for people with little or no prior experience.

Course features include:
- 661-hour intensive practical training in the laboratory
- French classes to prepare you for the internship experience
- 2 months of internship

Course modules / topics:
• Basic tarts (Short bread, short crust, apple tart, fruit tart, sable nantais, pastry flan…)
• Choux pastry (Eclairs, religieuses, Salammbô, Paris-brest, Chouquettes, Cygnes…)
• Puff pastry (Millefeuilles, galette des rois, Pithiviers, apple turnover, Saint Honoré…)
• Entremets (Moka, Forêt noire, pear Charlotte, modern entremets…)
• Bread and Viennoiseries (Parisian baguette, rye bread, country bread…)
• Ice cream and sorbets (Orange frosted, vanilla and strawberries, baked Alaska)
• Modern tarts (Tatin tart, lemon tart, chocolate-caramel tart…)
• Petits fours (Financiers, macaroons, madeleines, Cannelés girondins…)
• Chocolate and confectionery sweets (Chocolate pralines, nougat, truffles, orangettes…)
• Modern entremets revisited
• Plated dessert
• Restaurant Bread (Rolled cassis, chocolate-banana bread, breads flavored with herbs…)
• Wedding Cakes
• Individual dessert
• Theoretical courses
• Chocolate: Piece of art and modern sweets
• Sugar Art and croquembouche (Pelletizing, nougat, pulled sugar, blown sugar, caramel…)

Superior French Pastry Arts Diploma:
- 2 months of practical training in the laboratory + 2 months of internship 

Image of Pastry Arts Courses in FranceUpgrade your professional skills and acquire complex and modern pastry techniques through an intensive 2-month advanced training. 

Benefit from world-recognized teaching methods of small group settings and high rate of practice to optimize teaching, achieve efficient learning and deliver a personalized follow-up. 

Course features include: 
- 2-month intensive training consisting of 254 hours
- Hands-on training in pastry laboratories
- Applied theory and food hygiene
- French language courses
- 1-month optional internship in a French establishment

Course modules / topics:
• Signature Chef’s pastries and desserts
• French pastries: Between tradition and evolution
• Modern tarts
• Ice-creams and sorbets
• Special event cakes
• Chocolate and artistic piece
• Sugar and artistic piece
• Buffet preparation and final exam 

Bachelor in French Pastry Arts:
- Duration: 3 years

Photos of Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la PâtisserieChoose an educational path of excellence and acquire in 3 years the complete needed pastry know-how and management competencies to succeed as the international pastry industry. 

The Bachelor in French Pastry Arts of Ducasse Education allows you to acquire in 3 years the complete needed knowhow and management competencies to meet up the high expectations of the pastry field. 

• Year 1 Courses: Pastry lab (pastry, viennoiserie), Economics, Cost Management, Sciences, Hygiene, Communication, French pastry language

• Year 2 Courses: Pastry lab (pastry, bakery, chocolate, ice cream, confectionery), Sciences, Nutrition, Commercialization, Operational Management, Labor law, Computer science, Art, Drawing & design, French pastry language.

• Year 3 Courses: Pastry lab, R&D methodology, Strategy, Marketing & Business management techniques, Entrepreneurship, sustainable development, Anthropology & Sociology, HR management, Commercial law, Communication, Media-training, Creation, Drawing & Pastry design, Photographs & Pastry pictures.

French Chocolate & Confectionery Arts: 
- 2 months of practical experience in the laboratory + 1 months of internship

Picture of Pastry Arts Courses in FranceThe FCCA program is an intensive, practical and professional training program which gives you quick access to a level of qualification and skills. It will allow you to begin working in a professional environment.

The intensity of the program requires that each candidate has a genuine interest and motivation for the chocolate and confectionery environment.

Course features include:
- Intensive practical training in the laboratory
- French language classes
- Food Science, Applied Technology
- 1 month optional internship in France 

Course modules / topics:
• Chocolate
• Confectionery
• Chocolate-based pastries
• Artistic chocolate and sugar pieces
• Buffet preparation and final exam 

French Bakery Arts: 
- 2 months of practical training in the laboratory + 1 month of internship (optional)

Images of Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la PâtisserieThe FBA program is a highly intensive baking course for beginners. You will study the fundamentals of Baking including traditional and different varieties of special breads, a wide range of small breads for gourmet restaurants, brioche and layered viennoiseries, cakes and petits fours, snacking and catering. 

Course features include:
- 2-month intensive training consisting of 258 hours
- Hands-on training in bakery laboratories
- Applied theory and food hygiene
- French language courses
- 1-month optional internship in a French establishment (additional administrative processing fee) 

Course modules / topics:
• Breads and viennoiseries (traditional, regional, special and garnished breads and viennoiseries)
• Regional cakes and desserts
• Snacking and catering produce
• Meilleur Ouvrier de France style breads
• Buffet preparation and final exam 

French Pastry Campus Program:
- 2 months of practical training in the laboratory + 1 month of internship (optional)

This course is designed for beginners and pastry lovers seeking to acquire an understanding of the basic concepts, techniques and skills in French Pastry Arts.

Course features include:
- 2-month intensive training consisting of 258 hours
- Hands-on training in pastry laboratories
- Applied theory and food hygiene
- French language courses
- 1-month optional internship in a French establishment (additional administrative processing fee) 

Course modules / topics:
• Basic pastry doughs, tarts and tartlets
• Choux pastry
• Puff pastry
• Leavened pastry doughs
• Breads and viennoiseries
• Chocolate
• Modern entremets
• Buffet preparation and final exam

French Pastry Arts Master Class:
Duration: 1 or 2 days. Course options:

• A classic Master Class with demonstration
• A Master Class including a practical hands-on session

Get to know the various theories and techniques of our internationally recognized instructor chefs. By learning from them, you will acquire new skills and expand your expertise on the topics you choose.

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Address: Château de Montbarnier - Yssingeaux, Provence, France
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Grenoble has always been in the forefront of the development of new technologies in the field of energy and water management. Taking full advantage of this background, the Ense3 school trains high-level engineers and doctors able to take up the challenges associated with the new energy order, with the increasing demand of water, both in quantity and quality, and with the sustainable development and country planning.

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Ducasse Education, Paris
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• Situated in Argenteuil, near Paris, Ducasse Education is a leading culinary pastry and wine school run by the world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse.

• With 30 years of international experience, Alain Ducasse restaurants in 2014 had 21 Michelin stars in total. In addition to our Argenteuil school, we also have a training center in Yssingeaux, in the Haute-Loire department in south-central France.

• Taught entirely in English or in French, our intensive programs are for French students, beginners, adults, international culinary arts students, professional chefs, and career changers who seek excellence in culinary arts and other food-related services.

• Created in 1999, Ducasse Education sets the highest culinary and pastry industry standards with its comprehensive hands-on training programs that emphasize practical learning of techniques with precision, innovation and rigorous skills-based methodology.

• Alain Ducasse aims to pass on his knowledge, skills and expertise, along with the cultivation of excellence in the culinary, pastry, and wine & service fields through Ducasse Education.

• Our students benefit from practical training in our four state-of-the-art kitchens. Class size is kept to a maximum of 10 students to ensure the best individual learning outcomes.

Student Testimonial:
"It gives you the most complete knowledge all around the world, not only for French cuisine, it gives you an overview of all the cuisine around the world."
- Paolo, Italia, Career Changer
Professional Culinary Arts Programs:

• Culinary Arts Diploma: 5-month skills-building + 3-month internship in a French restaurant (taught in English & French)

• Superior Culinary Arts Diploma: 3-month skills-building + 3-month internship (taught in English)

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AIM has made major advances in the field of hospitality management training and enjoys a reputation for consistently high standards.

Our US Licensed post-baccalaureate, Anglo-American degree programs are the equivalent of BS and MBA's earned in the United States or in the United Kingdom.

They are supervised also by the French Ministry of Higher Education. AIM's determination to offer the highest quality of teaching that a school can provide, makes it today a respected leader in its field.
Hotel & Tourism Management Programs taught through English:

- Bachelor of Science (BS) in International Hotel and Tourism Management (3 years)

- Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hotel & Tourism Management (2 years)

- Professional Management Certifications (ranging from 2 days to 2 semesters in length): Academic Management Studies (AMS); Financial Management Workshop; Online Hotel Revenue Management (offered by Cornell University) among others.
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One of the top French engineering universities, INSA Lyon (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon), multidisciplinary and international, is at the heart of the European Higher Education Area. INSA Lyon is a comprehensive University of Science and Technology with post-baccalauréat (A-Levels) admission. The five year curriculum aims at training engineers who possess humane qualities and multiple competences in 12 specialised fields. Each year, some 900 students obtain the INSA Lyon Master of Engineering Degree. The 12 fields are Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Civil Engineering and Urbanism, Electrical Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Design, Mechanical Engineering Development, Mechanical Engineering and Plasturgy Processes, Industrial Engineering, Computer Sciences, Materials Science and Engineering, Telecommunications.
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