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Running & Jumping Action Game - Flood Runner: Armageddon

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It’s the end of the world - RUN! Flood Runner: Armageddon is a high-octane running, jumping & flying platformer action game where you play the role of a speedy little guy on the run from a mega-wave of water or lava. Your mission is survival! Run and jump for your life, avoid all the obstacles and enemies, and stay alive for as long as possible. The wave moves super-fast so get your speedy fingers ready.

Your goal is to escape the wave coming at you from the left side of the game screen, and try to survive as long as you can. If possible, collect as many score multipliers and bonuses as you go along. If you’re really good, you might even get a high score, but if you fall into the water or lava – you’re done for! Bonuses and power-ups are scattered throughout the game area, so grab as many as you can. You can perform some awesome jumps and glides through the air as you go along. Ok, here comes the wave, you better get running!

How to Play: At the menu screen, choose the game mode – you can play using your computer mouse or your computer keyboard. Your little character runs automatically. When playing with your computer mouse, simply use the left click button to jump, double jump and glide. Click once for a single jump and twice for a double jump. Click again and hold down to glide (using wings). When the Glide Bar in the top left corner of the game screen turns green, your wings are activated. The controls are the same with your computer keyboard – just substitute the up arrow instead of the left click. Choose which way to play on the menu screen before you start.

If you run onto a Trampoline, you will bounce high up into the air. There are also cool power-ups like a Superman Cape which helps you fly and a Dragon Grab where you hang onto a flying dragon! When playing with the computer keyboard – you might come up against a squid or a shark if you fall into the water. In that case, a special key combo will come up on the game screen. Quickly hit this combo before the enemy eats you! Ready to go? It’s time to run for your life!

Tip: Try to stay as high in the air as possible. That way, if you fall off one of the high ledges, you have longer to fall and you have a better chance of landing on a lower ledge to survive.

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