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Free Fun Airplane Game Online - Stuart's Air Adventure

Rating: 6/10 - 5080 votes
Stuart's Air Adventure: In this fun and addicting flying game, It’s not every day you see a mouse flying a plane! But that’s exactly what happens in Stuart’s Air Adventure, a fun, challenging and addicting online flying game for kids where you control a plane piloted by everyone’s favorite movie mouse – Stuart Little. Stuart is trying to make it home in his cool airplane – but he’s running out of power. You must collect batteries and avoid obstacles if you want to carefully guide him all the way home safely.

Even though he’s only a cute little mouse, Stuart’s plane flies at an incredible speed, so you’ll need to have quick reactions. Your observation skills will also be tested, as you need an eagle eye to spot the various oncoming objects. There’s plenty of potential trial and error required in this fast-paced airplane adventure, so be patient and keep trying! Ready to show off your piloting prowess? Good luck, and have a safe trip!!

How to Play: There are 3 levels to complete before Stuart is safely home. His plane flies automatically through the air, but you control how fast and high he flies. Control the height of the plane using your Up and Down Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, and increase his speed using "Spacebar". In each level, you have to collect Batteries that are floating in the air to keep the plane running. Simply fly at them to collect them. In Levels 2 and 3, there are floating cats and flying birds that you have to avoid. The cats are suspended on balloons, so try and pop the balloons by flying at them.

If you hit off too many obstacles, the plane will crash and it’s game over. Equally, if you don’t collect enough batteries, the plane will tumble from the sky and you’ll have to start all over again from Level 1. You can keep an eye on your battery level in the bottom right corner of the screen. The Battery Warning Light will blink if you are low on battery power. You also have an Altimeter, which measures how close you are to the ground. Don’t fly too low or else you’ll crash.

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