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Wacky Alien Shooting Game - Brainzilla

Rating: 8.6/10 - 1896 votes

Get ready to cause mayhem in the streets! Brainzilla is a fun, addicting and different space-alien shooting game for older kids / teens where you play the role of a giant, floating Brain from a far away galaxy that has arrived on earth intent on eliminating everything and everyone in its path! Unlike in other arcade-style space invader games, where your job is to save the human race from extinction, in this game, you are the invader - Brainzilla!

Your goal is to destroy everything in sight, including scientists, cars, buildings and more. Collect upgrades as you progress to increase your shooting power and improve your resistance to attack. The more enemies you dispatch, the more destructive and powerful you become. Ok then, let’s see what you’ve got Brainiac!

How to Play: In this side-scrolling action game, you control Brainzilla using both your computer mouse and your computer keyboard. Move the Brain around the game screen using your Arrow Keys. Alternatively, you can use the WASD keys: W (up); A (left); S (down); D (right). To eliminate your Earthling enemies, use your computer mouse to move your Target Marker over them. Once Brainzilla’s Target is pointed at an enemy, he automatically shoots his Electric Brain Ray with a laser beam. You can use this to destroy buildings and cars as well as dispatching the little characters who are running around in the street.

The enemies and defenders in the street try to shoot you down so make sure you avoid them by moving around. Your life bar is in the bottom left corner of the game area. To help you eliminate those enemies, you also have a number of Brain Bombs that you can launch. Left click with your computer mouse to launch a bomb where the Target is pointed. Hit Spacebar to drop a bomb directly underneath Brainzilla’s position. As you progress, you collect virtual credits which can be spent on Upgrades. These are indicated by the icons at the top of the game screen. Hover your mouse over them to see what type of upgrade it is, and Left click if you have enough virtual credits to purchase it.

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