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Stunt Dirt Bike Game Online – Solid Rider

Rating: 9/10 - 38137 votes

Solid Rider is an awesome new dirt bike game for little and Big Kids where you have to navigate your way over-and-under some of the most hazardous island terrain imaginable, in order to clear each level. If you drive super-fast, perform spectacular stunts and don’t smash into the dirt, you pass the level in winning time. This high-speed off-road adventure requires super-sharp reaction times, expert balance, and nerves of steel! Think you can handle the pressure? Well if so, let’s bring it on!

OK, the goal is to get to the finish line in style; get there as fast as you can, performing crazy stunts - aerial jumps, back-flips, front-flips and wheelies, along the way. The cooler they look, the better! Don’t fall off! Keep your balance, or it’s game over. You need to be able to cope with vertical walls/ hills, grueling rocks, narrow mountain tunnels and massive drops to succeed! If you don’t like heights, you’re in for a challenge. Ready for some high-flying adrenaline-pumping action? Oh, Yeah!

How to Play: Use the following keys on your computer keyboard: (Up) Throttle, (DOWN) Reverse, (LEFT) Lean Backward, (RIGHT) Lean Forward, (A) Rear Brake, (S) Front Brake, (P) Pause, (M) Map On/Off, (G) Go back to main menu. Use your SPACEBAR to restart a level. You can see your race time in the top left corner of the game screen and the race map in the top right corner.

TIPS: Lean forward (RIGHT) when going through tunnels or you will smash your head into the rocks. Ouch! Keep an eye on the map to see what’s coming ahead, and watch the road signs as well. Balance is the key to success with this game; try to skillfully use the (LEFT) and (RIGHT) keys.

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