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Online Baseball Batting Game

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This online Baseball batting game is so realistic, that you can almost hear the crowd applauding and chanting your name. Since the rules of baseball are almost the same in every league, they apply in this game as well. As the pitcher winds up, a red marker appears indicating where the ball will be thrown. Use your mouse to move the "red aim circle" towards the center of the marker. The closer to the center you place the aim circle, the straighter your hit will be. Control the direction of your hit by moving the aim circle relative to the marker to 'hook' or 'slice' the ball. This will help you get the ball going where your opponents are not expecting and win some time for you. The red line, above the red aim circle, indicates the direction of your hit. To hit the ball UP, aim just below the marker. To hit the ball DOWN, aim just above the marker.  After the ball is pitched, click the left mouse button to swing. Adjust and time it correctly to hit the 'sweet spot'.

How to Play: Hit the ball only when it is already close to you. Try to hit the ball in the direction somewhere between the players, so that they need to run further. On EASY mode, the yellow 'strikezone' appears on the screen. If the marker center is not within the limits of this box, do not hit, leave it alone for a 'ball' (turn). If you successfully hit the ball, your player will run to the first base. To run to the next one, click on the RUN button displayed next to your player as you approach to the base. To reach the base faster, click SLIDE as he gets close.

If you choose to play the Arcade game, you have to customize your player first. Enter your name, choose the color of the team, skin tone, bat logo and skill level (easy, medium, hard). You have 10 tries. Land the ball as close as you can to the center of the target for maximum points. You receive double points for your first bounce. Your remaining Pitches are shown in the right upper corner of the game screen, and your score is displayed on the left.  If you choose to play the Bottom of the Ninth game, set up your team first. Enter the name of the team, choose the color of your T-shirt and the skill level (easy, medium, hard). Harder difficulty levels will multiply your score at the end. Good luck Champ!

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