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Airport Management Simulation Game - Now Boarding: First Class

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DING DONG: “This is an important airport announcement… We are looking to recruit a high-flying management consultant with a proven track record who is interested in a new challenging position in the aviation industry. Apply within!” Apply Today! Now Boarding: First Class is an intense and extremely-challenging logistics management game where you take over the organization of a fully-operational airport. Everybody knows that visiting the airport and catching a plane can be a particularly stressful time – so now’s your chance to show the current crew how it’s done by transforming your airport from a logistics nightmare into a luxurious and expertly-managed travel facility!

This highly interactive, mouse-clicking activity is a really difficult test of your multitasking skills and transport management know-how, and your ability to make quick decisions under a lot of pressure. As airport manager, you must make sure that passengers are kept happy, flights take off on time (and go to the correct destination!), and your facilities are up to the high standard we expect nowadays. Sharp reactions are key to success as you have to react very quickly to changing flight paths, increasing passenger numbers, and a noticeable, steady build-up of pressure! This place needs a serious upgrade in customer service skills. Can you keep a cool head, and fly through this baptism of airline management fire? It's time to get hand-on! Chief Executive Airport Controller – we believe in you!

How to Play: There are two distinct game modes; Campaign Mode, and Arcade Mode. At the beginning of Campaign Mode, your airport is quite small with only a limited number of gates and available destinations. You have to slowly earn enough funds through good passenger management to open more gates, and purchase new routes to and from your airport. In Arcade Mode, your airport is fully-operational from the start, and you simply have to keep passengers happy and traveling smoothly.

We recommend that you pay careful attention to the clear tutorial as this gives you a grasp of the basic controls; use your computer mouse or touchpad to perform all of the controls. Your aerial viewpoint gives you a full picture of the different areas of the airport (yours is Chicago). Passengers sit in the main waiting area in the bottom right of the game screen. The most important aspect is getting these passengers to their destinations before they “freak out”, and leave your airport. Their desired destination is displayed by the large letter on their shirts (S for St. Louis, D for Detroit etc). When an airplane is waiting at the taxiing area, click and drag it to one of the available gates on the outside of the airport building. Then, click and drag the passenger onto the plane.

When your plane is ready to take off, click on the correct destination for the passenger(s) on the large map at the top of the game screen, then click on the green check mark to take off. The plane then automatically flies the passenger(s) to their destination, and returns to your airport. Sometimes, passengers at the destination airport can be picked up and flown to a different destination. For example, if you are flying a passenger to Detroit, and there is a passenger in Detroit who wants to go to St. Louis – simply click on Detroit first, then St. Louis, and then the green check mark. The plane flies to both destinations, and returns to the home airport.

If passengers are waiting too long, their heads slowly turn red through a build up to tension, and are almost like a ticking clock. You can double click on the passenger to improve their mood – but this is only a temporary fix! Once a passenger's head turns completely red, he/she ‘freaks out’, and storms out of the airport. You can improve passenger relations, and the general infrastructure by using your virtual funds to open new gates, bars, and larger waiting areas. Your virtual income total is replenished by the fees of paying passengers. Good luck in your quest to achieve everlasting peace in the airport terminal, and another great success story in your career!

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