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Very Good Street Racing Game - Neon Race 2.0

Rating: 8.9/10 - 4924 votes

Fans of top speed street racing action through futuristic, retro environments should really enjoy this tough, high octane arcade experience: Neon Race 2.0 is a whirlwind virtual reality driving game and space-age racing adventure where you have to literally smash through other cars, bikes and trucks in order to get to the finish line in as fast a time as possible. Racing against the clock, you have to guide your super sports car through the city highway, dodging and weaving around or smashing through fellow vehicles traveling in your direction (You deliberately crash into some vehicles to gain an advantageous acceleration boost!).

Supreme driving skill and reactions are the order of the day here – you absolutely need to be on top of your keyboard tapping game if you want to successfully dodge, weave, and smash your way to the finish line intact. Your observation skills and spatial awareness are also tested as you need to be completely aware of the fast approaching dangers and possible pitfalls of the track ahead. This hectic driving challenge is certainly one that funnels you into tunnel vision!

How to Play: In each of the 15 progressively difficult levels, your goal is to reach the Finish Line under the designated Time Target (indicated at the top of the game screen). Beginning from a ‘rolling start’, use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control your vehicle: Up Arrow / W = Accelerate; Down Arrow / S = Reverse; Left & Right Arrows / A & D = Steer.

Avoid crashing into the Blue cars, as they only slow you down. However, it is good to crash into the Red vehicles as ramming them gives you an acceleration boost as well as extra points toward your tally. In between each race, you can use virtual funds ($) earned to purchase new and improved racing machines (The more expensive the upgrade, the better the car / bike). Can you beat the qualifying time in all 15 levels? Enjoy the mayhem trying!

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