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Fun Christmas Platform Game - Wrap Attack

Rating: 8/10 - 158 votes

Help! Santa Claus has been kidnapped! We need you to save him from captivity under bad Doctor Zass, and use Santa's magic wand to turn toys into wrapped up gifts. Wrap Attack is a fun and addicting, Christmas Holiday-themed platform adventure game where you must dash around each ledge-filled level, wrapping up toys by hitting them with a magic wand! All toys must be wrapped and collected before the clock runs out – so there's no time to waste!

Background info: The cunning Doctor Zass (a long-time opponent of fun during the Holiday season) has kidnapped Santa, and bewitched all of the toys so that they cannot be delivered to the good little children around the world! You play the role of Tommy, a brave young boy who finds Santa's dropped magic wand, and embarks on a virtuous journey to re-wrap all of the toys and rescue Santa from Dr. Zass's clutches!

Reasons to play this cute, action-packed arcade game: Exercise your fast reactions and observation skills as you whizz around each confined level, wrapping and collecting toys against the clock. Experience a sense of fulfillment from your good work. If you enjoy classic platform games which feature running and jumping from ledge-to-ledge, defeating enemies, collecting power-ups, and avoiding danger, this game should hopefully be right up your street.

Best strategy to win: Good reflexes and smart keyboard tapping are vitally important. You must also exhibit good finger dexterity as you attempt to fire Santa's wand at the bewitched toys from close range. Remember, each level is timed, so you need to move quickly and efficiently!

How to Play: A Flash-based, platform adventure game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 23 progressively-difficult levels, you must wrap all of the toys by collecting them with Santa's wand. Control Tommy's movement using the Arrow Keys or WASD Keys on your computer keyboard.

Press the Z or J Key to fire Santa's wand. Some toys immediately transform into a collectable wrapped-up gift (present) with one hit from the wand. However, others must be hit repeatedly before they turn into a collectable gift. Simply walk over and pick up the gift to add it to Santa's gift sack. You can see how many toys must be collected in the top right corner of the game screen in each level. Once all toys are in the bag, you progress to the next level.

Press the X or K Key to create a temporary ice ledge that you can use to access higher ledges. If you come into contact with a toy BEFORE it is gift-wrapped, you lose health from your heart-shaped health bar in the top left corner of the game screen. If this falls empty, you must re-play the level. Likewise, if you run out of time, you must also re-play the level. Happy wrapping!

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