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Kitchen / Cake Baking Game for Kids - Make Orange Cake

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Put on your Chef’s Apron, it’s cake baking time! Make Orange Cake is a scrumptiously fun cooking activity for girls and boys where you have to mix up all the ingredients to make a delicious Orange Cake. This delectable dessert treat is ideal for an after-dinner snack, but only if the sweet and appetizing ingredients are mixed properly! Get creative in the kitchen, but make sure you follow the recipe closely. If you mix the ingredients just right, pretty soon you’ll be able to serve up a cake that’s fit for a King or Queen!

This easy-to-play cooking simulation game is an ideal interactive educational activity for any budding Little Chef out there, or anyone who enjoys whipping up tasty dessert recipes. The proof is always in the pudding, or so they say, so let’s see how teasing your Orange Cake looks - after you follow this straight-forward, step by step guide. If you really like the look of it, you can even ask a parent or guardian help you to make the recipe for real! As Queen Marie-Antoinette of France famously said: “Let them eat cake!”

How to Play: The controls are pretty straight-forward, and follow a point-and-click method using your computer mouse or touchpad. The special Hand Pointer indicates the next ingredient or action you have to perform. If the Pointer is directed at something, Left Click on it to progress to the next step of the recipe. You start off making the base of the cake, using egg yolks, orange juice, orange peel and brown sugar. After each stage, mix the ingredients up in the bowl using the utensil indicated by the Hand Pointer. This is often an electric whisk.

Next, add flour and egg whites to give the cake volume. Transfer it to a baking tray, and stick it in the oven. After making a scrumptious orange sauce using brown sugar and orange juice, drizzle that on the cake before serving up a generous slice! It sure does look appetizing! After completing the cake recipe, you might just find yourself hankering for some cake for real! As Homer Simpson would say, “mmmmm, cake!”

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