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Interactive Dog Care Game - Cute Puppy Daycare

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Owning and caring for a cute little puppy dog isn’t just about cuddles and play-time; there are many serious and responsible tasks that must be undertaken to ensure that your adorable pooch is well looked after and content! Cute Puppy Daycare is a fun and interactive pet care simulation game for girls and boys where you have to perform a wide range of mouse-clicking tasks in order to keep a lovable little doggie happy and healthy throughout an activity-filled day. Set in a well-stocked, tailor-made dog care home, you must make sure your playful rescue dog gets everything it needs; food, milk, cuddles (lots of love!), play-time, toilet-time, training, baths, vaccinations, and more!

This challenging point-and-click animal welfare activity should prove a hit with virtual pet lovers, and could provide some good practice for children who want to learn the roles and responsibilities of dog ownership for the first time. Your ability to multi-task, and your organizational skills are sternly tested as you try to keep track of your dog’s various needs. Fast reactions and quick decision making skills are also important as you prioritize your pup’s many different everyday requirements. Now, have you got the caring nature and diligence to perform a huge act of kindness, and give a sweet little dog a loving home? Happy pet care!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse or touchpad to perform all of the controls. After you click ‘Play’ on the Main Menu screen, click on the dog of your choice (there are 3 different puppies to choose from), and then click the ‘Next’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Then, you have to type in a cute nickname for your favorite pet in the box provided, and click the ‘Start’ button. Your goal is to keep your dog’s ‘General Status’ bar as high as possible. To do this, you have to ensure that the 10 individual status bars are kept ‘in positive‘ by performing a series of mouse-clicking tasks. If your dog’s General Status bar is above 60% after the 300-second timer reaches zero, you win the game as a successful dog carer!

The 10 individual care status bars are located in the top right corner of the game screen, and they require constant attention (in the form of a series of specific mouse-clicking tasks) to keep them in a green, ‘Positive’ position. Each of the various care items and services are dotted around the play area. To keep the ‘Hungry’ bar green, click on the box of food, then click on the food bowl to have your dog eat a bowlful. The same method is applied for the ‘Thirsty’ bar – just click on the milk to pour it into the bowl. To get your dog to take a nap (increasing the ‘Tired’ bar into Positive mode), simply click on the kennel. To give your dog a bath (increasing the ‘Dirty’ bar into Positive mode), click on the swan-shaped bath, then on both the shower head and towel that subsequently appear. Click on the first aid kit to increase the ‘Healthy’ bar, and the hand to increase the ‘Intimacy’ bar.

To bring your dog outside to the garden area for some fresh air, click on the ‘Go’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Here, you can increase the ‘Toilet’ bar by clicking on the out-house; the ‘Fun’ bar by clicking on the ball; the ‘Intelligence’ bar by clicking on the blackboard, and the ‘Training’ bar by clicking on the Frisbee. Remember, the longer your dog goes without getting any one of their 10 different needs solved, the more that individual bar decreases. If a bar is getting dangerously low, a pop-up speech bubble notifies you of this. If you allow one of the 10 care status bars to completely run out, your dog is abruptly removed from your care, and it’s game over. However, if you take good care of all 10 needs, the General Status bar should be high enough at the end of the day to ensure you are successful.

Tip: Give your dog at least two ‘helpings’ at a time at the beginning of the game. This should increase each bar sufficiently to give you plenty of time to attend to the other needs before having to go back to your first task.

Note: The instructions in the ‘Help’ section of the game are written in grammatically-poor quality English, but they still provide a basic understanding of the controls and general objectives of the game. Anyway, it's the body language of good-old fashioned love and care that this puppy is most interested in!

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