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Facts about Mongolia Quiz - Race Across the Steppe of Mongolia

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Want to impress your family and friends with some amazing knowledge about Mongolian history and culture? Well, by playing this game - you're on your way to becoming an expert on the subject! Race Across the Steppe of Mongolia is an interactive educational quiz game where you have to answer questions about facts (history and customs) of Mongolia - a land-locked country in Asia between China and Russia. Mongolians love everything equestrian, especially horse-racing - and the questions in the game reflect this. You aren’t just answering questions for the sake of it – you are actually helping someone!

Each time you correctly answer a question, your friend Togi advances a spot in an authentic Mongolian horse race. Answer enough questions correctly to ensure Togi wins the race – bringing pride to his family, and his community of nomadic herders. The answers to the questions are 50-50, so even if you don’t know the answer - you can just guess! Keep playing to gain some cool general knowledge that will dazzle your friends. Are you ready to expand your mind, and learn some awesome facts about Mongolia? Good, it’s time to saddle up Quiz Master.

How to Play: The 10 questions are set against the backdrop of an authentic Mongolian horse race across the Steppe (large and wide-ranging grasslands with no trees). You have to assist your friend Togi by answering questions correctly. Each time you click the correct answer – his horse moves ahead in the race. There are 10 questions in total, and you must answer at least 5 correctly to win the race for Togi. The questions appear at the top of the game screen, with two possible answers just below them. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to click on the answer you think is correct. You are told instantly if you got it right or wrong. If Togi loses the race, you can try again. The questions remain the same each time – so see if you can remember the correct answers from first time round.

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