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Flying Games to Play Now Online

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Play free airplane and flying games which require good control, skill and fast reactions. Enjoy awesome flight simulation games, fun helicopter flying games, spaceship and jet pack flying games for free on From easy-to-play games to more difficult flying challenges. 

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Airplane Flight

Airplane Fight is a high-speed plane shooting and strategy military game for kids, teens and adults.This is a full-on aerial assault by the enemy – an explosive action adventure not to be missed! To be able to survive, you will be required to have a very steady nerve, excellent hand eye coordination, expert tactical knowledge of these weapons and their unique capabilities along with super-sharp shooting skills! With superb graphics and epic (true to life) sound and shooting effects, this test of skill and bravery will put you firmly in a war zone – right in the heart of the action and right on the edge!

Your mission is simple. You must survive the attacks for as long as possible and destroy all the enemies that fly towards you. You will need expert aiming skills, precision and good hand eye coordination. All these skills combined should stand you in good stead when attempting this game. Do you think you can beat the rest of your friends and family and get the highest score out of everyone? Well lets find out! 

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Airplane Missile Escape

Airplane Missile Escape is an exhilarating warplane game set over the bright blue sea. Get a grip on the easy-to-learn controls and then dive into the action! You'll be chased by missiles and rockets, and your task is to employ swift maneuvers to evade them.

The game enhances your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking as you fly at high speeds, attempting to make the missiles crash into each other to secure your survival. 

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Air Battles

Air Battles is a bullet-hell game where you command an airplane to shoot down enemies. Every time you shoot down enemies you are granted points, as well as when you pick up stars and bonuses from fallen enemies. Fight for as long as you can, avoid crashing into other airplanes.

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3D Air Racer

Take to the skies and see if you have what it takes to be a stunt pilot in 3D Air Racer! Complete each level by flying through all the rings of each course, testing your and pushing skills further as you progress across 20 different levels and unlocking new planes the further you go. A challenging and rewarding experience for avid gamers and aviation enthusiasts.

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Aeroplane Escape

Aeroplane Escape is an extremely challenging and addicting spaceship flying simulation game where you have to navigate a difficult-to-handle aircraft away from incoming missles and rockets. Meanwhile you must collect boosts to increase your score. You could have many rockets locked onto you at any one time so the pressure will be on. Can you handle the heat and outrun the missiles? Lets find out?

Outrun the missiles and collect as many boosts as you can to increase your score! The game will end if the rockets catch you. This game requires seriously skillful movement of the plane. One wrong move and you could be blown to pieces! Also, remaining calm under the pressure and sticking to the job in hand is important! Use your mouse skills to effectively evade and dodge all the missiles and lead your aircraft to a safe journey! Gear up, its time to fly!

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Jet Fire

Experience the thrill of playing as a jetpack wearing mercenary as you blast your way through space bandits and robot sentries, flying through and between blaster bolts and speeding rockets. Jet Fire brings you all of that in this chic endless side-scroller that is guaranteed to keep you glued to your seat for a few hours! Collect coins along the way to purchase and unlock a variety of other costumes to play with.

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Puppy Rescue

Mayday, mayday, mayday, the local puppies are in danger and it's up to you to save them in Puppy Rescue. Pilot a rescue helicopter as you try to retrieve all of the stranded puppies and get them back to safety. But be sure not to hit the ground or anything else, as doing so will damage the helicopter and force you to restart the mission. Puppy Rescue is a family game, its charming visuals and themes are just perfect to keep the little ones entertained, but the challenge of the game can prove a bit much at times, meaning they might need mom or dad to help them out every now and then. Regardless, Puppy Rescue is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

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Clash with Jets

Clash with Jets if it is necessary, but the best way is to shoot other planes. This is a simple airplane shooting game controlled with arrow keys. Shoot on opponent jets and destroy them before they destroy you by either tailing them or appearing in front of them quickly. Collect health and coins to keep your plane flying and thy not to go above the game top area level as it is hard to take the plane down into visible area. Make maneuvers with your jet using arrow keys and have fun in this game. Avoid bullets and collect hearts. Click on MENU button to switch between Desktop and Mobile controls or to restart the game if you get stuck.

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World War Pilot

Do you have the courage to be a fighter ace? If so then World War Pilot is the game for you! Leap into battle as you steer a fighter plane against enemy combatants! On the way, collect coins (for buying permanent upgrades) and temporary weapon upgrades that will give you an edge against enemy planes.

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Sky Battle

Challenge your reaction skills in this exciting, thrilling flight game, Sky Battle. Dodge your way to victory and avoid the rockets for as long as possible! This will give you an experience of being in a dog fight back in the War. Your heart will be racing and you will need to focus intently to ensure your victory.

Last as long as possible by avoiding oncoming fire, by moving left and right! Pick up bonuses to aid your flight and chances of survival, for example a super shield which increases health! Sky Battle requires a really cool head for combat, good keyboard control (flying skills), and good timing skills. Smart decision making skills is also very important, do you gamble to try to pick up the bonuses whilst risk getting fired at? The choice is yours, lets see if you have what it takes to take to the skies!

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Air Combat

Air Combat is a challenging and nailbiting bullet hell type game where you command a panda and his airplane to destroy enemies and beat bosses. You can get stars to upgrade and improve your airplane and make it easier for your next try. Avoid enemies and kill every single one you see.

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Copter FI

Copter Fi has you piloting an intense war helicopter and doing battle against a series of rockets and enemies that are looking to take you down.

You will be flying fast and furiously straight ahead, doing whatever you must to fly up and down and dodge incoming danger.

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Chester Jetpack

Chester Jetpack is a fun, wacky and addicting "endless running" action game where you must survive for as long as possible using your ultra-cool aerophone jetpack on a long, side-scrolling obstacle course!

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, you assume the role of a brave, daredevil bagpipe-playing character, and must propel yourself into the air using the notes from this special Celtic musical instrument. Utilizing a constant mix of ascending and descending momentum, you try to progress as far as possible!

This crazy flying challenge requires a liking for fun action, reserves of stamina and determination, sharp observation skills, good hand-eye coordination and fast reactions as you attempt to dodge and glide around the various wacky obstacles as well as collecting coins. Smart decision making is also essential as you try to predict the most immediate safest route through the air at all times.

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Crazy Chopper

Crazy Chopper is a game similar to Flappy Birds where you have to control a helicopter and help it go through the hot air balloons. If you crash with anything or fall of the screen you will lose and have to start all over again. Test your patience and improve as you play, reach as fast as you can.

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Catching Flight

Get ready for a simple mouse-clicking game concept – but an extremely challenging flight simulation activity. Catching Flight is an addicting fun flying game where you simply have to keep your plane in the air and try collect the coins along your way. However, to add to the fun, you will have to dodge rockets and obstacles! Do not hit these as it will be game over! Have fun!

Stay in the air for as long as possible to get a high score! Keeping your plane in the sky is no mean feat. Collecting each and every coin is also very difficult. Utilize your quick reactions and nifty fingers to succeed in this classic-style flying game that really sorts the amateur pilots from the professionals! Well Captain, which category do you fall into? It’s time to start the propellers and find out! Good luck!

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Panda Hero Fighter

Panda Hero Fighter is an intense scrolling shooter where you take down enemies and earn stars to acquire new weapons and power-ups!

This game will surely challenge you while providing hours of fun! Earn daily rewards just for playing! Upgrade your base weapons, armor, and health to take more of a beating while doing massive damage! Purchase Super Weapons like bombs, lasers, teslas, and blades to have an ace in the hole for when you need it most! Do you think you have what it takes to beat all of the twenty-five levels? It gets tough, but don’t worry, completing certain levels unlocks a checkpoint that allows you to start there for a fee. Keep upgrading your ship and get back at it! Every level ends with an epic boss battle, so be ready to take them all on!

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Fighter Plane Jet Fighting

Fighter Plane Jet Fighting is a challenging dogfight simulation game for teens where you play the role of the Top Gun F22 jet pilot primed to protect the motherland in an intense air battle. This mission is a complete solo run! Set in an intense battle environment, this is as extreme as it gets! You must destroy the numerous enemy fighter aircraft that are zooming menacingly ‘hot on your tail’ in the skies around you.

Complete concentration, good decision-making skills, super-quick reflexes, and keyboard control are essential here as you try to swiftly maneuver your jet around the chaotic combat zone. Whether firing missiles or simply avoiding fire, your aircraft control has to be at its peak if you want to succeed. Even the minutest mistake can result in a disastrous crash, or an instantaneous advantage to the enemy. The question is - Have you got what it takes to become a Top Gun?

This HTML5 game is only Playable on laptops, and desktop PCs.

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Flappy Plane

Play a very addicting and tricky Flappy Bird-inspired, distance survival game where you must keep an airplane in play for as long as possible on an endless, side-scrolling obstacle course! Flappy Plane is a really challenging and stimulating reaction skill-based game where you must float, dodge and weave in order to keep the little airplane out of harm's way by moving it upward and downward through the hindrance-filled play area. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC, this is a one-level, repeat play challenge where your difficult goal is to increase your distance traveled with each attempt.

This online, HTML5-based, survival / action game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Test and exercise your concentration levels, anticipation skills, hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, timing, determination, and willingness to fail in order to progress further with new attempts.

Control Tip: Use light, quick taps or mouse clicks to move the airplane upwards. the longer you hold after the click the higher it flies. Release the click or your finger to allow the airplane to descend. This momentum-based movement might take a few attempts to get used to.

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Airplane Battle

Airplane Battle is an air fighter shooting game for kids and teens. It is not only tough, but reaction developing as well. You must fight until the death as you partake in a war in the skies. Climb and swoop in your plane to gain the advantage over the enemy and shoot them down, whilst avoiding their attacks! Relive the world war 2 dogfightsas you battle to take control of the skies and use your expert pilot skills to evade danger. Ready up, it is time to begin!

The aim of this game is to get a high score by staying in the skies and shooting down as many enemies as possible, whilst simultaneously avoiding their attacks! This game requires good attention span skills as you must not lose focus for a single second. You will have enemies coming from all directions so stay one step ahead of them and position yourself for victory. Good reaction skills as well are important as you must react quickly to an enemy movement or attack!

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War Plane

War Plane is a high-flying adventure game that has you commanding an aircraft straight out of World War II over the skies. Shoot down your enemies and do whatever you must to complete your mission.

Like an old-school arcade game, you are tasked with simply flying forward and firing non-stop at waves of enemies who do not stop and will do anything in their power to take you down. The controls are quick and responsive and will have you flying all over and doing damage easily and constantly.

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Fly This

Take on the important role of the flight conductor and air control as you direct passenger planes, both big and small, safely to their destinations in Fly This. Fly this is a strategic and management focused game where you need to direct anywhere from two to five planes safely to their respective stations to drop off and pick up passengers. One mistake leading to a collision is an immediate game over, so stay focused! Fly This will prove to be a truly addictive game as you test yourself to see how good you are at planning and multitasking.

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