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Free Dress Up Games & Coloring Activities for Kids

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Play free dress up games, fashion model makeover games & computer coloring activities for young children & Big Kids. Have Fun with your friends and family on the Games Area!

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Tik Tok Princess

In Tik Tok Princess, you get to dress up your favorite Disney princesses to get ready for their videos! Choose from a variety of hairstyles and clothes to get your princesses ready for their events. It’s all up to you to choose their styles, whether to match their normal looks or to go for something different.

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Besties Outing Day

Besties Outing Day is a simple fun dressing activity for young kids. This game lets your imagination skills run riot and enables you to dress up your besties as nice or as funnily as you like! Come and play! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to dress up and decide where you and your besties can go on an outing. There is no better feeling getting all excited about going out, especially with your besties! This game lets you do exactly that! This will test your imagination and fashion skills/sense. Can you create the most gorgeously designed outfit for you and your besties to wear? Come and have a go!

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Just Draw

Just Draw is a simple and educative game where you complete objects by drawing their missing parts while also learning something about them that you might not know before. Learn and entertain yourself while playing.

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Office Dress Up

Make this a wonderful business day to remember! Dress a stunning model in beautiful on-trend business clothes, and unleash your inner Fashionista in this fun and creative dress-up simulation game! Playable on android mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC, Office Dress Up is a cool, interactive fashion makeover game where you have the opportunity to create a chic new look for a fabulous virtual model! Choose from multiple hairstyles, accessories, dresses, jewelry, shoes and more as you work to produce a head-turning summer ensemble for your marvelous model!

Play Office Fashion Dress Up: If you see yourself as a bit of a ‘fashion guru’ and enjoy creating striking new looks with a mish-mash of clothing styles - for simple personal satisfaction or for your loving family to wow at, then this straight-forward, point-and-click / screen tapping fashion simulation game should prove a good exercise for you! Let your imagination run free, and test out wacky combinations of clothes and accessories, or keep it classic and produce an elegant look that would receive approving nods from the fashionista elite! The choice is yours, so be creative!

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Lets Invite Santa

Let's Invite Santa is a fun and festive online activity for young children, where you get to dress your character in a wide range of colorful Christmas clothing and accessories and the bake Santa a cake. This cute fashion simulation game requires a flair for style, a sense of fun and a jolly festive spirit! 

The aim of this game is to prepare for Santa's arrival on the big day. Choose from a cute and colorful range of boots, hats, sweaters, trousers and accessories for your own attire and then the snowman! Then bake a cake ready for Santa, I am sure he will love it! This will test your creativity skills as you must look the part as well as bake the most amazing cake. The customisation is endless for this game, let your creative spirit go wild!

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Princess at Modeling Reality

Princess at Modeling Reality is a simulation game where you help a girl prepare for a modeling contest. Complete the different situations to help the girl win the competition and make her dream come true.

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Color and Decorate Rooms

Color and Decorate Rooms is a cute interior design game for kids, teens and Big Kids, where you get to play the role of an interior designer, creating a lovely and peaceful room for the family to enjoy. This is perfect for anyone who wishes to take a break from the busy day and relax, this tranquil therapeutic game will have you decorating for hours.

Your mission is to fully decorate the room of your choice. You can choose from a wide range of rooms to decorate. This will test your creative thinking skills as you unleash your creative spirit. Make this the most intensely beautiful room you have ever laid eyes you think you are up to the challenge? Could this be the career for yo? Come and find out!

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Model Dress Up

It’s time for a unique fashion opportunity – the chance to give a stunning makeover to a glamorous lady! Model Dress Up is a fun online dress up game for girls (and boys) where you have to create a cool and chic new look for a female model. It’s just a few minutes until showtime! You’d better pull out all the stops, and create a headline-grabbing new outfit for her. Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to let your creative spirit run wild and dress up a model ready for the big show! This colorful activity is good virtual dress-up practice for any budding fashion designers out there, or anyone who fancies herself or himself as a trend-setting junior correspondent! Deck your model-like reporter out in the newest, smartest clothes - while also altering her hairstyle and accessories. There are literally hundreds of different looks available - so get your creative side flowing, and give this girl the ultimate makeover!

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Gamellina Fashion Multiplication

Gamellina Fashion Multiplication is an advanced math game for kids with a cool bonus!

Help Gamellina unlock all of her clothes again! You have to get the multiplication questions right to get the color back to her clothes… If you get them all done, you can play dress-up with her and select from any of the clothes you unlocked! Don’t worry about getting the answers wrong at first, you just won’t unlock clothing with those questions. Keep going and color her entire wardrobe! Can you get one hundred percent on this advanced math game?

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Mandala Pages

Create your very own beautiful Mandalas in Mandala Pages. Mandala Pages allows you to: pick the colours of existing designs in the “coloring book” mode, fill in a mysterious pattern in the “magic” mode or even create your very own unique Mandela in the “blank” mode. Mandala Pages is a perfect game for those artists looking to kick back and relax.

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Mermaid Coloring Book

Mermaid Coloring Book is a straightforward and brilliant coloring book game that will allow you to create the pictures of your dreams.

This game has a terrific mermaid theme in all its pictures and is ideal for young girls looking to explore their inner mermaid.

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Makeup Studio Halloween

Step into the world of the supernatural and the glamorous with Makeup Studio Halloween. This game is a bewitching blend of creativity and style, designed to bring out your inner makeup artist. As Halloween approaches, it's time to ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. With the help of a professional makeup artist, you can create unique, sassy, and witchy looks inspired by three famous influencers. From villain-inspired makeup to Monster High ghouls, the trendiest Halloween aesthetics are at your fingertips.

Playing Makeup Studio Halloween is not just about creating stunning looks, it's also a journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement. As you navigate through the game, you'll develop a keen eye for detail and color coordination. Your creativity will be challenged as you mix and match different makeup elements to create the perfect Halloween look. Additionally, the game helps improve motor skills as you apply makeup with precision and care. So, get ready to unleash your creativity and enhance your skills in this thrilling makeup adventure.

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Baby Hazel Photoshoot

Baby Hazel Photoshoot is a content-rich game and the perfect game to provide your kids with hours of entertainment. Play as Hazel an up-and-coming child model as she helps her uncle Adam launch his new kid's fashion magazine. Help Haze with daily tasks, getting her makeup done and even designing and picking dozens of cute outfits to wear. That's just a part of it, but why don't you go and explore the rest for yourself and let your child's imagination run wild!

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Toy Shop

Toy Shop is a fun game where you have to create dolls for the girls. Dress them, change their hairstyle, accessories, and such. Once you are done you can give the doll to the girl and get a compliment.

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Retro Cars Coloring

With Retro Cars Coloring you are able to color 8 wide-ranging car pictures and use 23 different colors to create the artistic expression of your dreams. Vroom, vroom!

The game is like other coloring games, you simply have to tap the colored pencil you want and then tap the area of the picture you want filled in. You have an artist inside you, now is the time to let it out.

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Ambulance Truck Coloring

Ambulance Truck Coloring is a fun, friendly, and charming online coloring activity for young kids where you have to show off your creative side. Light up the room with your fancy coloring skills, and exhibit your coloring masterpieces to your friends and family. They’ll be amazed at your art skills!

This point-and-click coloring activity should be ideal for any budding young artists out there, or any fans of the health services and ambulances...make this one a special ambulance! You will need a steady hand and a wild imagination, mixed in with a lot of patience! Ok Picasso, have you got the ‘Wow’ Factor? It’s time to let your artwork do the talking. And remember, stay within the lines! Happy coloring!

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Coloring Bear And Bunny

Coloring Bear and Bunny is a simple and direct and fun coloring game that will make you feel like you are playing in a classic and endless coloring book. Choose your favorite colors, draw to your heart's content, kick back and relax.

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Parrot Pal Coloring

Parrot Pal Coloring is a wonderful family-friendly game and just perfect to help keep the little ones entertained. You can pick from 1 of 8 amazing sketches of different parrots to colour in, using a whole range of awesome colours and different sized paintbrushes. That's not all; once you have finished with your painting, Parrot Pal Coloring will let you take a screenshot of your drawing to keep forever! So come play and let your child's creativity and imagination go wild!

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Kids Coloring Minecraft

When you want to enjoy your downtime and color, Easy Kids Coloring Minecraft is exactly what you need. It gives you a series of pictures to color, all of them associated with the popular world-building game. Choose your colors and make your pictures pop!

Coloring can be fun and relaxing, a calming experience that always feels rewarding. This game gives you that same feeling. It is more than a game, it is a meditation.

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Kitty Wedding Day

Kitty Wedding Day is a fun online decorating activity where you can sharpen your artistic ability - all at the touch of a button. Create a visually stunning dress and environment in this simple to play game. This simple game is great for people of all ages!

The aim of the game is to dress the Kitty for its wedding day. You can use your imagination skills to dress and customise the Kitty to your wildest dreams. The customisation is endless! Let your thoughts run wild!

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Princes Fashion Quiz

Princess Fashion Quiz is a fun makeover game, in which you need to get four fabulous princesses ready for their outings at a quiz show! You can choose hairstyles, dresses, shoes, jewellery and much more to make them look as fashionable as possible.

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Princess Glitter Coloring

Princess Glitter Coloring is an awesome game for the kids and one they will love to play with three fun-filled gameplay modes to pick from. Your kids will be able to pick from 1) Princess dress colouring and design where they can pick from dozens of dozens of colours and backgrounds to colour in with. 2) Picture colouring, which is simply but lets them be a bit free and possible chaotic with some festive drawings. 3) The fireworks room where they can fire off some fireworks and watch the explosions and colours! Princess Glitter Coloring will certainly keep your child entertained for a couple of hours.

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Easy Kids Coloring

Easy Kids Coloring is an incredibly simple, easy to play and addicting coloring game for young kids. Choose from multiple drawings and then let your creativity run free as you fill them with colour! Happy coloring & designing!

The aim of the game is to create a work of art! Use your creative skills to create a Picasso styled piece of art, and then show it off to your friends and family! Let your imagination run wild and create a striking piece to look at, and something you can be proud of!

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Baby Room Designers

Fancy yourself as a creative interior designer and decorator with a keen eye for specific details? Ever wanted to decorate a bedroom with cool new toys and furniture? Well, now you can - with Baby Room Designers, let your imagination run wild! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to design a lovely room for our little baby! This is a fun and interactive virtual bedroom decorating game for kids that tests your observation skills, visual memory and interior design skills. This straightforward, colorful point-and-click online activity should be ideal for kids who enjoy decorating games, or those who like to keep their bedrooms neat and tidy. Ok Master Decorator, it’s time to show us your ability to follow the floor plans! Happy playing!

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Draw Tattoo

Draw Tattoo is an easy to play and addictive tattoo drawing game, perfect for tattoo enthusiasts or people who are interested and enjoy drawing cool shapes! This realistic game will have you playing for hours and will make you consider opening up your own shop! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to create and produce tattoos to go on the customer's body! This is a big commitment from the customer so the responsibility is on you! Have you got the nerve to complete the task? You will need good creative artistic skills and a very steady hand! Do not be shaking and wobbling otherwise the customer will be unhappy. The game is bright and intuitive and easy to use. It is easy to figure out and difficult to master! Ready up Chief designer! Let's go!

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Garden Decoration

Garden Decoration - Tidy up and decorate the gardens presented to you in this fun and relaxing game. You must be the cleaning wizard to regenerate the garden back to life, as well as making changes and making additions. Let your imagination run free as you design and decorate the garden from heaven! Enjoy!

The aim of the game is to restore the garden to its former glory, and beyond, making the most intensely beautiful garden anybody has ever seen. This game will develop your imagination skills as you decide what to do with the garden project. Also you must need to be astute with the various tools so you can quickly understand what they are for, apply them and then get the job done in an efficient manner! Have fun!

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Draw And Guess

Draw and Guess is an online drawing game for young kids. This fun educational coloring game is perfect for kids who want to practice their artistic skills and learn a little about different objects at the same time. It requires a delicate touch, an inquiring mind and (mostly) a sense of fun! Try it! If your painting skills are up to scratch, the computer will give your “work of art” a good rating.

The aim of the game is to draw what you have been asked to do. You can either draw or you can guess something that is being drawn. It has been said that if you can draw something good enough, it might just come to life - so you need to be brave to draw these fascinating and fearsome objects! This will test your creativity, your art skills and most of all, your drawing skills! 

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Valentine's Day Couple

Valentines Day Couple - ¡Crea la pareja perfecta en este juego de temática romántica! Crea un chico y una chica para que salgan juntos y ¡de ti depende cómo se vean y se vistan estas dos personas! Toma el control y empieza desde abajo hasta llegar a la pareja más compatible en cuanto a vestimenta.

El objetivo de este juego es dar rienda suelta a tu creatividad e imaginación para crear y vestir a una pareja perfecta para el día de San Valentín. Esto pondrá a prueba tus dotes de diseñador, ya que tienes mucha variedad y opciones entre las que elegir. Desde el calzado hasta la complexión de la piel, crea tu pareja ideal y ¡déjate llevar por tu creatividad!

Cómo jugar: Selecciona el botón de la flecha en el extremo derecho de la página principal para empezar. Empieza por vestir a la chica y luego al chico. Elige entre una gran variedad de peinados, sentidos de la moda, estilos de ojos, opciones de calzado y complexión de la piel. Haz clic con el botón izquierdo del ratón para elegir. Una vez hecho esto, ¡estarás listo para que tu pareja deslumbre y desfile! ¡Diviértete!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Creative Coloring

¿Buscas un juego divertido y creativo para mantener ocupados a tus hijos? Si es así, ¿por qué no pruebas Creative Coloring? Este fantástico y artístico juego de colorear despertará al artista dormido que todos los niños llevan dentro. Creative Coloring incluye hasta 18 dibujos diferentes que pueden colorear, así como dos modos de juego: "emparéjalo" y "estilo libre". Este es un juego al que a tu hijo le encantará jugar durante horas y horas.

Cómo jugar: Creative Coloring es un juego de artistas, lo que significa que lo único que tienen que hacer es colorear tus dibujos y divertirte. Los dos modos de juego son iguales en su mayor parte, con una ligera diferencia entre ambos. En “emparéjalo”, tu hijo tendrá que emparejar los colores utilizados en la imagen completada. Esto les obligará a memorizar qué colores utilizar y dónde tienen que ir, una gran característica que les ayudará a mejorar y entrenar su capacidad para memorizar detalles. El modo "Estilo libre" se desbloquea para cada imagen una vez que su hijo ha completado la imagen. Este modo les permite colorear la imagen de cualquier manera que quieran. Para elegir un color, toca/pulsa sobre el que quieras seleccionar y luego toca/pulsa sobre la parte que quieras colorear. Si tú o tu hijo se quedan atascados en “emparéjalo”, basta con hacer clic en el icono del signo de interrogación para que aparezca el dibujo completo, ¡para obtener una pista!

Creative Coloring se puede jugar en navegadores de escritorio y de móviles.

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Garden Decoration

Garden Decoration - Ordena y decora los jardines que se te presentan en este divertido y relajante juego. Debes ser el mago de la limpieza para regenerar el jardín de nuevo a la vida, además de hacer cambios y adiciones. ¡Deja volar tu imaginación mientras diseñas y decora el jardín desde el cielo! ¡Disfrutar!

El objetivo del juego es restaurar el jardín a su antigua gloria y más allá, creando el jardín más intensamente hermoso que nadie haya visto jamás. Este juego desarrollará tus habilidades de imaginación mientras decides qué hacer con el proyecto del jardín. ¡También debe ser astuto con las diversas herramientas para que pueda comprender rápidamente para qué sirven, aplicarlas y luego hacer el trabajo de manera eficiente! ¡Diviertete!

Cómo jugar: Haga clic en el botón que dice "Mapa" para mostrar las misiones. Haz clic en la primera misión disponible para comenzar. Sigue las instrucciones. Haga clic y arrastre la herramienta en la parte inferior izquierda y luego muévala hacia donde debe usarse. La pantalla resaltará los lugares en los que se debe usar la herramienta para que sea más fácil de detectar. Algunos requieren un movimiento de soltar y arrastrar, otros requieren un movimiento de fregado mientras se sujeta la herramienta. ¡Disfruta la decoración!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en navegadores de PC/Mac.

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