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Enjoy the newest hidden object games, mystery puzzles, and spot the difference picture games for young kids/ teens (girls and boys) to play for free online on Challenge and exercise your concentration level, observation skills and eyesight! Play fun games - from classic-style hidden object games to the newest game ideas, from simple to more difficult. Have a great time playing these games with your school friends and family.

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Play a challenging, interactive and in-depth hidden object adventure game - interwoven into a nostalgic Hollywood movie-style narrative! Pearl's Peril is an online hidden object puzzle game for older kids and adults where you must find and eliminate a list of random items from a cluttered game environment against the clock.

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, and desktop PC, you must work your way through multiple interactive levels following the story of Pearl, an elegant member of the 1940's aristocracy who inherits a tropical island from her late father. Help Pearl to explore the island and find the many treasures hidden within!

This online, HTML5-based, hidden object puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. As you play against the clock in each level, alertness, focus, fast reactions and hand-eye coordination skills are really important. Eagle-eyed concentration skills and discipline are essential as you attempt to pick out the required items (Some objects will be carefully camouflaged against similarly-colored backgrounds, so keep that in mind!).

Expert Tip:  If you are finding a specific item very difficult to find, you can click or tap on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the play area to activate the ‘Hint’ feature. This action highlights one of the missing items with a bright light for a short period of time.

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Play a challenging hidden numbers game against the clock – and marvel at the stunning scenery of some of the most picturesque cities in Europe - including Paris, Venice, Prague, and more! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Numbers in the City is a straight-forward hidden object game yet difficult visual puzzle (for kids, teens & adults) where you must locate and click or tap to eliminate the numbers 1 to 30 from a cool HD photo of a European city landscape. Some of the numbers are more easily spotted than others, standing out among the buildings and scenery, but some are really cleverly hidden – so keep your eyes wide open!

This online, HTML5-based, hidden object / puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. As the 10 levels are played against the clock, a sense of urgency, fast reactions, sharp hand-eye coordination skills and great determination are required alongside the very alert observation and concentration skills needed to pick out all 30 numbers. Very accurate mouse clicking or finger tapping is also essential here because you lose 5 seconds from your timer for each time you click or tap on an area that doesn't actually have a hidden number!

Expert Tip 1: You can use the ‘Hint’ feature as often as you like – but each time you do, you are docked points from your score. The ‘Hint’ button highlights the general area of one of your missing numbers.

Expert Tip 2: Numbers containing 1 and 7 (e.g. 11, 17, 21, 27) are often the trickiest to spot, as they are often hidden within narrow strips on windows, doors, or bridges! Try and get these tricky numbers out of the way first!

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Immerse yourself in a world of hidden objects, priceless artifacts, and precious antiques as you take charge of an important, archaeological object-finding mission! The Book of Hidden Objects is an in-depth, point-and-click adventure puzzle game for kids and teens with an Indiana Jones-style theme where you must find and click on objects deemed valuable by your sleuthing squad. The catch is that the objects have been left in environments filled with clutter and other items – and you must use your eagle-eyed observation skills to pick out the key items.

Some background info: Legendary explorer Eddie has found the infamous ‘Book of Hidden Objects’ which has led your team to the abandoned island of ‘Borgabundia’. Here, you must search through the multiple scenes in search of the items indicated as valuable by the Book.

Skills Required: This is a fun and interactive, mouse-clicking brain teaser where observation, concentration, focus and determination skills are all really important required attributes. Visual cognition and attention-to-detail are essential as you comb through each area in search of the key artifacts. Also exercise and sharpen your reaction speed and accurate mouse clicking skills – The faster you complete each level, the more gold coins you earn for your efforts!

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Solve a multi-layered, winter-themed, point and click puzzle game in order to make a sulky little monkey happy! Monkey Happy Lights is a fun, interactive, hidden object-based brain teaser game where you must explore a series of snow-covered environments, clicking on objects, combining items, finding lightbulbs and more in order to reach the eventual goal of lighting up a Christmas tree. Play the role of a visibly upset little monkey who is only placated when the entire puzzle is solved! You must figure out the solution to a series of mini-puzzles in order to unlock new areas, reveal bonus items, and progress step-by-step on your quest.

Skills required: Based on the hugely-popular Monkey Go Happy series of mini-game adventures, this challenging and cognitively-stimulating visual puzzler requires smart analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, alert memory skills, a keen sense of curiosity and a passion for exploration! Every last nook and cranny of the game environment must be scoured and studied if you want to find all of the items and secret areas! So, great patience, focus, determination and a willingness for trial and error all play a big part in your success in this fun brain teaser adventure.

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Play the role of the most talented detective in the city, and find smuggled Gold Biscuits in this point-and-click, sleuth-based mystery game! A gang of sneaky criminals has somehow smuggled the valuable nuggets into a car garage – and now it's up to you to foil their masterplan! Mr. Lal The Detective: Episode 1 is an interesting, highly interactive, hidden object-based puzzle game with attractive graphics where you must explore various rooms, pick up items, combine objects together, solve mini-puzzles, and generally click your way around – methodically uncovering clues to the location of the Gold Biscuits.

Skills required: This fun brain teaser puzzle requires a good blend of common sense, analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and shrewd observation. Like the best detectives, you must keep an eagle eye out for links between various items and clues to hidden locations. A sense of curiosity and great determination are essential here. Don't leave any stone unturned in your quest to solve the mystery!

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Play a wacky animation game, and piece together clues using your computer mouse to rid the cinema of unbelievably-annoying customers – and allow a frustrated gentleman to watch a movie in peace! Cinema Madness is a slightly crazy hidden object-based, mouse-clicking puzzler for older kids and teens where you must interact with the game environment, combine different items, and ultimately eliminate rowdy, self-centered, and unsympathetic cinema patrons so that your eccentric hero character (Crazy Dad) can at last watch a movie in peace without distraction! Playing the role of a Sherlock Holmes-style figure, you must talk to other characters, click and combine unusual items, and get up to some serious sleuthing!

Skills required: This interactive, visual brain teaser adventure challenge requires focus, sharp observation skills, great determination and dedication. Good old common sense also comes into play as you attempt to connect seemingly random objects together. Smart analytical thinking and problem-solving skills are also very important here!

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Break your ninja buddy out of jail by solving dozens of complex mini puzzles in this highly-challenging, point-and-click sleuthing game for older players - middle school, high school, college students, adults: Steal The Wheel Episode 1 is an engaging, prison escape-themed puzzler where you must strategically break into a police station and piece together various different clues and items in order to unlock the cell door of your ninja companion Reju.

Skills required: This extremely tricky, interactive brain teaser adventure game provides a stern mental challenge that tests and exercises your memory, focus, concentration, observation skills, determination and stamina. Sharp logical and analytical thinking must be applied to solve the various number and symbol-based mini puzzles (some of which include hidden object-style games). Good old ‘common sense’ problem-solving is also required to link similar items and codes.

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Use eagle-eyed observation skills to help a top archaeological team find special hidden artifacts in a race against the clock! Lost Treasures of Petra is a challenging hidden object-based puzzle game where you must point and click on various items identified as important by your archaeologist associates. Delving into the ruins around the historical city of Petra, you must complete a range of sleuthing tasks including finding hidden objects, using your magnifying glass, picking out hidden letters, and more.

Background info: Petra (also known as Rose City) is a real-life historical attraction in southern Jordan in the Middle East. The city is famous for its rock-cut architecture, with amazing buildings and caves carved beautifully out of the rock face.

Skills required: Sharp concentration and observation skills are naturally essential in this fun and interactive visual puzzle as you attempt to quickly find and eliminate the identified key items from the play area. Fast reactions and accurate mouse-clicking skills are also important – The faster you find the objects; the more points you score.

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Guide an acrobatic sleuth to the red Exit Door in a series of 20 increasingly challenging levels that present a fun mix of reactions-based tasks and brain-teaser challenges! Detective Conrad: Rooms of Mystery is a challenging, problem-solving puzzle and platform game for older kids / teens where you play the role of the resourceful Detective Conrad who must find hidden objects to solve the mystery for his clients.

Sort of like a blend of Super Mario, Spiderman and Sherlock Holmes all in one, Conrad is an acrobatic hero that can walk up walls, leap magically-high into the air, bash things with a baseball bat, and more! No mystery case is too hard for this detective!

Reasons to play this addicting, multi-level arcade game: Brain-teaser fans take note! Unlike most platform-based puzzlers that focus solely on keyboard skill and reflexes, this is actually a rather intricate puzzle game, especially in later levels. Test and exercise your analytical thinking skills as well as good finger speed and keyboard control.

Strategy to win: Keep an open mind in each level. Even if the solution doesn't appear immediately evident, keep investigating all elements. Determination, stamina and persistence are really important if you want to get to the end – So don't give up easily!

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Top of the morning, afternoon or evening to you! Test your eyesight and fast reactions against the clock in a challenging, leprechaun-themed, spot-a-difference puzzle game! Ultimate Leprechauns is a tricky, interactive visual puzzle game where you must find and eliminate 5 differences between two seemingly-identical picture images depicting a group of crazy leprechauns in a series of wacky adventures. The catch is that you only have 90 seconds to spot those differences in your first attempt!

Reasons to play this fun, online optical challenge: Exercise your vision and perception skills as you scrutinize every inch of the pictures in search of the miniscule differences while under pressure. Seasoned fans of spot-a-difference activities should enjoy the high difficulty level due to the short, timed levels.

Strategy to win: Fast reactions and prompt mouse-clicking skills are vitally important. You only have a mere 90 seconds to find all 5 differences, so there's no time to hang around searching for lucky charms! A good strategy is to concentrate on smaller areas of each picture, and try to determine if there's a difference to be found in that area.

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A cool and challenging spot-the-differences puzzle game for eagle-eyed sleuths! Tales of Pylea: Crux is a very tricky, online visual puzzle where you must find and eliminate 4 differences between two seemingly identical side-by-side picture images in each level. Based on the fantasy webcomic ‘Tales of Pylea’, this is certainly no walk in the park – the 4 differences between the comic strip images in each level are absolutely minute.

Reasons to play this fun, interactive difference-finding game: Stimulate and exercise your observation, focus, concentration, patience and perseverance skills as you work hard to pick out the often innocuous differences between the two pictures. Can you find the differences quicker than your friends or family members can? Perhaps create a fun contest!

Strategy to win: Simply, focus and find! Of course, keen eyesight is required to scrutinize every inch of each image. As you are looking at an online comic strip, there may be numerous different panels in each level – so you're concentration levels need to be optimal. Use thought-out processes such as pinpointing smaller areas of each comic strip – and focus on that area for a little while (Don't worry; there's no time limit here).

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E-Depth Angel is a challenging spot-the-differences puzzle game where you must find and eliminate 5 tiny differences between two side-by-side comic strip pages in each level. Based on the popular Japanese sci-fi action manga webcomic ‘E-Depth Angel’, this is a tricky visual puzzle for older for kids & teens where you need to be on alert for the smallest discrepancy between the two images. It might simply be an extra shoelace, a missing lock of hair, or a slightly-larger button – You’re eagle eyes must be ready to spot them!

Reasons to play this difference finder game: Test and exercise your eyesight, focus and concentration skills as you comb every inch of each picture image in search of the elusive differences. You don't have to be an avid fan of this particular manga comic to enjoy the difficult visual challenge of picking out miniscule differences in two seemingly identical images.

Strategy to win: Naturally, good observation and concentration skills are essential here. Be smart about your search as it's highly unlikely that differences will be front, center, and obvious on main characters and objects. Instead, focus on patterns on clothing, background objects, building tiles, and other seemingly insignificant details.

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Temple Secrets is a highly-challenging, hidden object and spot-a-difference combo game where you must use eagle-eyed observation and sleuthing skills to solve 5 tricky visual puzzles. Set in the depths of an ancient Egyptian-style temple environment, you must pit your wits against three stimulating hidden-object puzzles and two tricky spot-a-difference challenges. And for added difficulty - both types of level are played against the clock!

Reasons to play this visual puzzle game: Test your eyesight, concentration skills, patience and determination as you scour each level for specific objects or miniscule differences. You'd be surprised how well items can be hidden on a cluttered game screen, or how your mind plays tricks and allows you to miss small differences between two seemingly identical pictures. This is a good game for players who like to get ‘into the zone’ and be totally committed to their problem solving tasks.

Strategy to win: Try to keep all distractions to a minimum – you need to be 100 percent concentrated. Fast reactions and very accurate mouse-control skills are also important. Remember, the clock is ticking! Don't be too proud to use the ‘Hint’ function either – everyone needs some help once in a while!

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The Real Tale: 5 Differences is a very hard, multi-level, spot-the-difference puzzle game where you must find and eliminate 5 miniscule differences between two seemingly identical pictures in each level. Featuring fun and old-style artistic drawings and breathtaking landscape images, you must scrutinize each square inch of the picture images to spot where the small or almost hidden differences are in all 40 levels.

Reasons to play this tricky visual puzzle game: Test your eyesight and exercise your concentration and observation skills as you attempt to identify the differences in the shortest time possible. Awaken your detective / sleuthing skills as you become a problem-solving, hidden object-hunting specialist! Dazzle your best friends and family with your very sharp difference-spotting prowess.

Best strategy to win: Focus, patience and persistence are really important here as you studiously examine each pair of pictures for dissimilarity. Play smartly - You get deducted points for clicking wildly and hoping to get lucky! Don’t be too proud to ask for help either; there is a Hint function, and you can always ask a friend or family member to help out – two sets of eyes are better than one in this game!

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Use sharp sleuthing skills to spot old-style and antique items in a run-down mansion, and use the virtual income earned to renovate the house and grounds! Hiddentastic Mansion is a fun, easy-to-play hidden object game for mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop. Your role is to use income generated from good performances in 5 hidden object levels to modernize the house and surrounding areas.

This interesting, online visual puzzle requires very good concentration levels and observation skills as you try to pick out specific objects in extremely-cluttered rooms. The items are often small and nondescript – so you need to be ‘in the zone’ if you want to be a sleuthing success! Happy hidden object finding!

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Play a challenging hidden object game against the clock on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC! Little Shop of Treasures is a fun and tricky visual puzzle game where you must find and eliminate multiple random objects which have been carefully hidden among heavily-cluttered game environments! Entering an antique store, a magic shop, and a gardening warehouse, you must use your sharp visual skills to pick out the listed items among the mess!

Skills required: This appealing detective-style game requires eagle-eyed observation skills, sharp concentration, a sense of urgency, and great determination as you seek to locate all of the specified items before the clock runs out. This can prove quite difficult as the objects are often innocuously concealed among the shelves, nooks, and crannies in each scene!

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Keep your eyes wide open as you take on a fun and challenging, hidden object-based puzzle game! KuCeng The Treasure Hunter is a straight-forward, online visual puzzle activity for kids where you must pick out specific hidden items dotted around a cluttered game environment. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you must scour each scene, detective-style, to find the items listed at the bottom of the play area.

Skills required: This interactive brain teaser game requires really sharp observation skills, top concentration levels, great determination, lots of patience, and the keen eye to pick out minute details from a larger picture. Try to keep distractions to a minimum if you want to be a top sleuthing success!

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The Fog Fall is a very challenging, eerie and mysterious, point-and-click adventure puzzle game for teens and grownups where you must try to gather clues and information as you attempt to escape from a Cold War-style underground bunker designed as an atomic bomb shelter. Set in a gloomy post-apocalyptic period where a sea of fog has enveloped your country and home, you must use step-by-step sleuthing techniques to collect items, carefully solve how to switch on the electricity, don your protective hazmat suit, and generally figure out how to escape the bunker.

This cryptic hidden object game really challenges your imagination and analytical thinking skills, and requires a cool head in a dark, underground environment, really good concentration, observation and problem-solving skills, combined with smart strategic planning and great determination. The creative vision to ‘put two and two together’ is important as you attempt to engineer your escape. As with all quirky brain teasers and detective-style games, being curious and inquisitive is essential here. You must explore all areas, collect as many items as you can, and exhaust all possibilities. Your survival depends on it!

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The Old Country is a very challenging hidden object and spot-a-difference puzzle game (for kids, teens and grownups) set in a beautiful, picturesque, old-style countryside environment. With three hidden object levels and two spot-a-difference picture challenges to really test and exercise your visual problem-solving skills, having keen eyesight, impeccable concentration, and endless determination and patience are essential abilities required here.

As the puzzles are set in a colorful landscape full of flowers and other flora, fauna and other countryside features, it makes picking out the various well-hidden objects and differences highly difficult. You also play against the clock, so despite the entrancing scenery, this is definitely not an occasion to sit back and enjoy the sights!

However, you should have sufficient time to find all of the hidden objects and differences if you keep a cool head and your eyes wide open. It's time to grab your metaphorical magnifying glass, and hone your observation skills!

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Looney Tunes: Find The Alphabets is a very difficult hidden object game for kids and teens where you must find and eliminate all 26 letters of the alphabet which are cleverly concealed and disguised in a still-frame action picture of a classic Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon scene. Armed with just your computer mouse, eyesight and concentration skills, you must carefully pick out the letters which have been superimposed onto the image. Note that the shapes of some letters are slightly distorted to blend onto different parts of the picture, while others are colored in such a way as to make you miss them on first glance!

This highly challenging, point and click-based visual puzzle proves a very good test of your eyesight, concentration, perception skills, color differentiation skills, determination and stamina. Often, the letters are literally staring you straight in the face; you just have to stay patient and keep searching. Happy letter finding!

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