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Hard Hidden Object Game Online - The Old Country

Rating: 7/10 - 195 votes

The Old Country is a very challenging hidden object and spot-a-difference puzzle game (for kids, teens and grownups) set in a beautiful, picturesque, old-style countryside environment. With three hidden object levels and two spot-a-difference picture challenges to really test and exercise your visual problem-solving skills, having keen eyesight, impeccable concentration, and endless determination and patience are essential abilities required here.

As the puzzles are set in a colorful landscape full of flowers and other flora, fauna and other countryside features, it makes picking out the various well-hidden objects and differences highly difficult. You also play against the clock, so despite the entrancing scenery, this is definitely not an occasion to sit back and enjoy the sights!

However, you should have sufficient time to find all of the hidden objects and differences if you keep a cool head and your eyes wide open. It's time to grab your metaphorical magnifying glass, and hone your observation skills!

How to Play: There are 5 levels in total: Levels 1, 3 and 5 are ‘hidden object’ challenges, while Levels 2 and 4 are ‘spot-the-differences’ activities. In the hidden object levels, you have 5 minutes to find the 10 items displayed at the bottom of the game screen. These ten random objects (which could include, for example, a frog, key, butterfly, music note etc.) are very subtly hidden in the picture image. Using your sharp eyesight and computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on an object to remove it from your list. Once all 10 objects have been found, you progress to the next level.

In the spot-the-difference levels, you also have 5 minutes to find and eliminate 10 miniscule differences between two mirror-style images. Again, using your mouse cursor, Left Click on any variances to remove them from the play area. Once all 10 differences have been eliminated, you progress to the next challenge.

In any level, if you click on an area that does NOT contain a difference or hidden object from the list, 5 seconds are deducted from your timer. If you fail to eliminate all 10 objects / differences, it’s game over, and you must go all the way back to Level 1.

Hints: If you are struggling, click on the ‘Hint’ button in the bottom right corner of the play area. This will highlight the area of one of your missing objects / differences with a bright green circle. However, you can only use the Hint feature three times in each level, so use it wisely. Remember to ask a friend or family member to lend their eyes to the task if you find it very hard. It's amazing what friends and family can spot sometimes!

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