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Fun Jumping Game for Kids - Icy Tower

Rating: 8.3/10 - 1245 votes

Icy Tower is a fun and addicting classic-style platform arcade game for kids and teens where you have to climb up a huge tower by quickly jumping from ledge to ledge. You control a cute little character (Harold the Homeboy) and your goal is to climb as high in the tower as you possibly can without falling off the bottom of the game screen. After you jump onto each ledge, you only have a certain amount of time before the ledge crumbles and falls into the abyss below.

Perform fancy flips and score extra points for jumping more than one ledge at a time. The faster your character is moving, the higher he jumps, and you have the ability to score cool combos by flipping from ledge to ledge. There are literally hundreds of floors in this enormous tower, so this fast-paced activity will give you hours of jumping fun, and will really test and exercise your quick reactions and dexterity (as you have to quickly change direction to get to higher ledges.) Think you’ve got the acrobatic skills to scale this tower? Ok Jumping Jack, it’s time to show us your hot moves.

How to Play: Control your little blue-hatted character using your computer keyboard. Use the Arrow Keys to move him left to right and Spacebar to jump. The faster he moves, the higher and more impressive the jump. The best way to execute this is to get a good run up before you hit Spacebar. This sends him high into the air and up a number of ledges. The goal is to get as high as you can without falling off the bottom of the game screen. After you land on a ledge, you have a few seconds to jump higher before that ledge crumbles and falls.

As you get higher in the tower, the length of time you have on each ledge decreases, therefore increasing the difficulty as you progress. Score extra points for skipping ledges with huge jumps – this is called a Combo. You can see your score in the bottom left corner of the game screen. At the right hand side, you can see your Combo Bar. This indicates how many floors you have jumped in the current combo. You can toggle music and sound effects on and off by left clicking the icons at the top of the game screen.

Tip: There is no actual time limit apart from the time it takes for the ledges to fall (even though there is a clock ticking in the top right corner of the game screen).

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