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Fun Math Game for Kids - Lemonade Larry

Rating: 6/10 - 823 votes

Lemonade Larry is a simple online math game where you have to figure out how much each order of lemonade will cost. This game will help to improve your multiplication skills, and pretty soon you'll be the Multiplication King or Queen! Larry needs money to buy himself a new baseball glove, so he's selling lemonade in his yard. The trouble is, Larry's really busy making the lemonade, so he needs your help!

While Larry serves up the delicious drink, you have to work out how much the lemonade will cost the customers. But it's not that easy, because each customer wants a different amount of lemonade, and funny Larry charges everybody a different price. So come on - help Larry, do some math and have fun all at the same time!

How to Play: It’s really easy: every time a customer comes to Larry, you have to figure out how much their order will cost. To do that, you’ll have to multiply how many cups they want by how much the lemonade costs. Don’t forget, each customer wants a different amount of lemonade and the lemonade costs a different price each time. When you think you’ve got the right answer, click your computer mouse into the box on the right hand side and type in your answer. For example, if a customer wants 2 cups, and the price is 7 cents, you type 14 into the box and then click on the total button (If you want to play a little quicker, you can use your numpad to type in the answer and then hit your Return key.)

If you give the incorrect answer – Larry will correct you and tell you how much he is owed. But if you get it right – everybody will be happy – Larry will have more money toward his baseball glove and the customer will have a delicious cup of lemonade! And best of all, you’ve helped Larry and helped yourself become much better at your multiplication! Let’s do some number crunching!

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