Top maze games free online: Maze puzzle game for kids, gifted and talented students to play now on PC, iPad, Mac without download: Yugioh: Pharoh’s Maze is a difficult brain teaser for kids/ teenagers (girls/ boys). Online labyrinth games, cool interactive puzzles for middle school/ high school students.
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Challenging Online Puzzle Game - Yugioh: Pharoh’s Maze

Rating: 5.9/10 - 164 votes

Mazes are one of the most cherished puzzle game genres in the world, immensely enjoyed by kids and adults alike. However, dedicated maze game fans are always looking for a new twist on the classic format. Something that can quench their thirst for a truly mind-boggling challenge! Step forward – Yugioh: Pharoh’s Maze, an addicting and unusual maze-based puzzle where you have to take on two or more mazes, all at the same time! Players must maneuver a solid white square to an ‘exit point’ (a white-bordered empty square) to complete each maze. This sounds pretty easy in itself, but when you have two, three or four white squares all responding to your controls at the same time, things get a whole lot trickier! The final catch is that all white squares must be positioned on all exit points at the same time for you to advance! Whew, sounds like a head-scratcher!

This fun and surprisingly difficult brain teaser game requires a deep level of concentration, great determination, and a real knack for strategic planning. Preparing and arranging your route through each mini-maze is the key to landing all of your squares on the exits at once. Trial and error is an important part of the task, while learning from your mistakes is also vitally important (not only in this game, but in life in general!) Ok Problem Solver, let’s see if your multiple-maze navigation skills are up to this task!

How to Play: In each of the 21 increasingly challenging levels, your goal is to position all of the move-able White Squares onto their corresponding ‘Exit Squares’ in each mini maze. The Exit Squares are in the form of a white-bordered, empty square. In the first level, there is just one maze ‘in-play’, while in subsequent levels; there are 2, 3, and 4 mazes all in-play at the same time. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your White Squares. In later levels, when there are multiple mazes in-play, each of the various different White Squares all move together at once. For example, if you press the Down Arrow, all of your White Squares move one space down in their respective mazes (only if it is possible for them to do so; the square may be blocked off, and White Squares cannot move through the green outer squares).

To progress to the next level, all white squares must be positioned on their respective Exit Squares at the same time. The trick is to move all squares as close to their Exits as possible, therefore narrowing the playing field. From here, you have a better chance of finding a solution. A good strategy to have is to ‘trap’ one particular square in a corner, enabling you to position other squares while the "trapped" one remains in the same spot (easier said than done!). In much later levels, Orange Squares and White Circles act as ‘teleporters’. If your white square comes into contact with an Orange Square, it gets transported back to the beginning of the level. However, landing on a White Circle transports your Square to another area of the maze. "Bail me out" Tip: If you get stuck, press the D Key on your computer keyboard to skip to the next level!

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