Free online puzzle games, brain teasers for mobile phone, Android cell phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, no download required. Multilevel puzzle games, one-handed HTML5 games to play now on PC, Mac desktop, laptop. Fluffy Rescue game online, a hard thinking puzzle for kids (girls/ boys), tweens & high school students.
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Visual Brain Teaser Puzzle Game for Mobile / PC

Rating: 7.7/10 - 490 votes

A cute yet difficult "cut the rope-style", physics-based puzzle for older kids & teens: Fluffy Rescue is a very challenging thinking & skill-based game where you must carefully guide cute and fuzzy sphere characters into color-specific nests in each level.

Utilizing the effects of gravity, the contours of each platform level, and various helpful woodland creatures, you must methodically push, nudge, drop, and propel the little circular characters into their nests with great precision. Employing high concentration, strategy, problem solving skills and really quick reactions, you may have to build bridges, close off pathways, avoid obstacles, and more in this addicting puzzle adventure. Happy fluff ball rescue!

How to Play: Good strategic planning and accurate keyboard / screen tapping skills are really important in this fun HTML5 game that can be played on desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet devices. Note for players on mobile phone / tablet: To play the game with full screen, you have to turn your device horizontally.

In each of the 30 progressively-difficult levels, you must guide the circular fluff balls into the color-coordinated nests. The fluffy spheres are usually positioned at the end of white ropes near the top of the game screen. For laptop / desktop users, click on the white ropes to eliminate them (Mobile / tablet users simply tap on the ropes). If all of your fluffy friends reach their color-specific nests, you progress to the next level.

If you get stuck at any stage, click / tap on the Circular Arrow icon in the bottom left corner of the play area in order to restart the level. In later levels, you might encounter other creatures that can be used to propel the little spheres into their nests (For example, a helpful frog). Click or tap on any of these creatures to activate them. Can you complete all 30 levels?

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