Free cable car game online for 1 & 2 players to play now, no download: Skywire 2 game, a fun cable car racing game for PC, Mac to play with friends/ against computer solo as single player. Platform action games for kids (girls/ boys, sisters and brothers), teens at home on PC. Awesome new games for free.
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1 & 2 Player Cable Car Game - Skywire 2

Rating: 8.2/10 - 1164 votes

Carefully control a fast-paced cable car through wacky obstacle courses and bring your passengers safely to their destinations! Skywire 2 is a challenging, multi-level, reflexes and timing skills-based game with 1 and 2 player modes where you must guide a sky-high cable car along a wild, hindrance-filled rail track while safely keeping at least one passenger on board until you reach the finish line. Play as a solo cable car operator, or race against a friend / family member in an action-packed, 2-player race mode!

Reasons to play this cool & quirky arcade game: Perhaps think of this fun game as a more structured and motor-driven rollercoaster-like game where you can test and exercise your hand-eye coordination skills, focus, keyboard control, reaction speed and finger dexterity, timing skills and stamina as you try to zip the cable car along toward the finish.

Strategy to win: Although finishing the level quickly is advantageous, you must be careful and methodical in your movements. Sometimes you might have to slow down completely or even reverse a bit in order to avoid obstacles. Remember, your priority is to protect the people on board!

How to Play: A Flash-based, 1 & 2-player cable car driving game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 30 progressively-difficult levels, your job is to get the cable car to the finishing line with at least one loyal passenger still on board (You begin each level with three). In 1 Player mode, you play with just one cable car, while in 2 Player mode, you play in a split screen situation with a best friend, classmate or family member controlling another cart on the same level.

Player 1 (in both modes) controls the cable car using the Up and Down Arrow Keys on the computer keyboard. Press the Up Arrow to accelerate, and the Down Arrow to break / reverse. In 2 Player mode, Player 2 controls the cable car using the W and S Keys. If your car comes into contact with an obstacle, you lose one life (rider). If all three passengers are eliminated from your car, you fail the level and must re-start. Enjoy the fun adventure!

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