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Enjoyable Online Matching Game - Soccer Match

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Soccer Match is a very enjoyable and addicting, interactive, grid-based matching puzzle game for kids where you must try to work the ball into your opponents ‘goal zone’ by creating matching, adjacent groups (chains) of objects that stretch all the way to your opponent's end of the grid. Starting with the position of the ball, you must ‘shoot’ toward your opponent's end by directing the ball through matching groups of trophies, whistles, red cards, and clock timers. Can you make it to 5 goals before your computer opponent does?

Reasons to play this innovative, turn-based, visual brain teaser: Test and exercise your observation and visual problem-solving skills, game management and strategy skills, mouse control, and more as you attempt to dominate the grid by scoring goals and denying your opponent easy access to your goal area. Pit your considerable wits against the crafty computer opponent, and showcase your creative thinking and engineering skills as you seek and find the many different ways to keep the ball down in your opponent's area of the grid as much as you can.

How to Play: A fun, Flash-based, matching puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Each game is a once-off match-up against a computer-controlled opponent where you race to 5 goals. You and your opponent take turns to create matching chains. In order to score a ‘goal’, the end of your newly created chain (matching group) must end up at the very right hand side of the grid (The ball is then fired into your opponent's goal for a score).

To create a matching chain, click on the football, and drag your computer mouse cursor in the direction you wish to make the matching chain. Remember, the matching objects must be the same item, and must be adjacent to each other vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. When you release your click, the ball ‘gobbles up’ all of the matching items in your chain. If the ball finishes on the very right hand side (end area) of the grid, you score a goal. Likewise, if your opponent's effort ends up on the very left of a grid, a goal is scored against you. The first player to reach 5 goals is declared the winner. Enjoy the cool, creative action with your best friends and family members!

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