Interactive Match 3 puzzle games for kids: Long game online free to play now with no download. Blocks is a top matching block game with many levels that requires lots of skill at solving difficult puzzles & brainteasers. Creative engineering games, strategy games for children (girls/ boys), teenagers online.
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Interactive Online Puzzle with many levels - Blocks

Rating: 7.8/10 - 103 votes

Are you a fan of classic matching gem or matching block puzzles with a twist? Are you on the hunt for a fun and awesomely-addicting game to really stimulate your mind and invigorate your concentration skills? If so, Blocks is a straight-forward (yet difficult at later levels) match-3 puzzle game for kids and grownups of where you have to swap the positions of different-colored blocks around in order to clear the playing area of all blocks (by achieving three-in-a-row combinations). However, Blocks is much more than any old match 3 activity; it becomes a very challenging thinking exercise, as well as a head-scratching, eye-rubbing, brain teaser extravaganza! Test yourself against 100 (yes, that’s ONE HUNDRED) increasingly intricate levels!

This highly enjoyable and enthralling online problem-solving game requires very good observation skills, logical thinking, the vision to predict and plan strategically, absolute dogged determination, and bucket-loads of trial and error. You must try to work out the correct solution on each level that allows same-colored blocks to fall into place and match within the structure. What begins as a modest task of swapping just one or two blocks quickly escalates into a complex mind-boggler where you need to be thinking two or three steps ahead! OK, it’s time to start laying the building blocks of your legacy as an absolute match game legend! Happy puzzle cracking!

How to Play: Eliminate all blocks on each level in as few ‘actions’ (normally in the form of swapping two blocks) as possible. To eliminate a set of 3 (or more) square blocks, you have to initiate a swap / movement that results in at least three same-colored blocks being positioned in a row, horizontally or vertically. Once a set of 3 blocks are positioned correctly, they disappear with a dramatic ‘poof’. If all blocks are eliminated within the number of ‘actions’ indicated by the circles at the top of the game screen, you progress to the next level. In early levels, there are only one or two different sets of blocks, so positioning them in a row is relatively easy. In later levels, there can be multiple different-colored sets of blocks (sometimes 6 or 7), making for a much larger structure of blocks and a much more difficult challenge.

To swap two blocks around, simply click and drag on any block using your computer mouse or touchpad. A block can only be swapped with one that is horizontally or vertically adjacent to it (you cannot make diagonal moves). You can also achieve matches by moving a block sideways (not necessarily swapping it with another block, but by moving it to the left or right so that it moves or falls into a different position). Remember, you only have a limited number of actions in each level, as indicated by the green circles at the top of the game screen. If you complete the level before using up your final action, you achieve a Perfect score, and earn a Star. The more Star ratings you achieve, the more levels you unlock later on in the game. You can also play beyond the "par" number of actions, in order to try and complete the puzzle, and if successful, you will still be greeted by a Fail notice and silly jeer (never mind that, they are just jealous of your brilliance!).

To undo your previous ‘Action’, click on the ‘Undo’ button in the top left corner of the game screen (the arrow pointing to the left). To restart the level, click on the button with the two circular arrows. This Restart button turns red once you have performed too many actions (above par), and it is therefore impossible for you to progress beyond the level (although, as stated, you can try to complete it anyway). You may also reach a situation where you only have one or two blocks of a certain color remaining. In this case, you naturally fail the level as there is no opportunity for a three-in-a-row match. Good luck in your endeavors!

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