Fun free creative building games online for kids (boys & girls) to play now with no download: Mine Clone game, a top creative building game like Minecraft 3D world in theme, & design adventure game for kids, teens/youth. Interactive building activities, construction-based brain games for PC, Mac, iPad.
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Creative Building - Play Mine Clone Game Online

Rating: 8.4/10 - 8504 votes

For those of you who enjoy testing your building and creative skills: Explore and design a new world, mine resources, build your dream house or unique landscape or just create new environments for fun. Use your imagination to its limits, challenge your mind, and experiment with new ideas for design.

Gamers who love to play Minecraft (where you place blocks to build things & go on adventures), should also find that they very much enjoy playing Mine Clone (where your imagination, determination and stamina are your only limits). Mine Clone truly is a top creative building, adventure landscaping and design game that requires you to freely roam around and explore a 3D world waiting to be enhanced by you alone, to remove and move (mine) blocks to fill the landscape with new resources, and to build cool new structures from these blocks, and craft new construction tools according to available options. Remember that this game was created to challenge players to learn to think outside of the box, Bigtime! For example, what can you do if you go under water or take your building plans into the air?

How to Play: Note: This game requires 'Unity Web Player' to play, and, due to the 3D content, may take longer to load than normal flash games. It also needs a computer of at least 4 GB of RAM with 2.8 GHZ i5 processor (or better) to be able to play properly & quickly in bright graphics (At low RAM and slow processor, the gameplay is very dark and slow at best).

  • Use the WSDA or arrow keys on your keyboard to move around.
  • Use your Left and Right mouse clicks to remove blocks or build structures.
  • Use Spacebar to jump over obstacles.
  • Use combinations of the above keys to freely move around the area & build.
  • Use your "E" key to switch between the Inventory, and select an item. Then press Escape or your "E" key to activate your mouse so you can Left Click to place the item. If you don't like the item you have placed or see an unnecessary item - use your mouse cursor to select the block, and Right Click on the block to remove it.
  • Use Escape key (as Pause) if you need to move your mouse outside of the game area, and then press Escape key again to get back into the game.
  • You can only build on a surface level when you can see that surface level.
  • When building, you can add new blocks in whichever direction you wish, and move upward, downward or sideways with a new block while paying no regards to real life construction physics or gravity (as long as your new block is connected to at least one existing block).
  • When removing blocks, you can only go a certain distance deep from yourself (explore how far!), and note that you do not need to leave blocks interconnected (so could try making some cool floating designs!)

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Important Message to users of Chrome browser v42 and versions above v42:
Unfortunately, your version of Chrome currently does not support the plugin for this game.

To play this game, visit this page using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Thank you.
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