Free roam games like Minecraft: Play Mine Clone 1 & 2 online for free with no download. Mine Clone 2 game is a top creative building game adventure for kids/ teens (boys & girls) to play now on PC, Mac, iPad, tablet. Best design games, interactive building games, new 3D construction-based games.
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Play Mine Clone 2 Game - Creative Building Adventure

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A top 3D building adventure game to challenge your mind and imagination to its limits, and to experiment creatively with new ideas for structures and design. Mine Clone 2 (otherwise know as Mine Clone Version 0.1b), is an epic online construction and engineering-based free-roam game similar in concept to Minecraft. In Mine Clone 2, you become a master landscape creator, and get to explore around a vast 3D world, removing (mining) and restructuring building blocks. The only limits are your imagination, determination and stamina, and you can choose to build (literally) sky-high structures, create your dream house, dig endless tunnels, go on amazing engineering adventures, and more!

This addicting, and downright mind-boggling resource management game should prove an enthralling activity for those of you with a real interest in engineering, construction, industrial manufacturing, architecture, landscaping, and everything in between. You can take a casual, nonchalant approach to your mining work, or make a very serious and concerted effort to create what you regard as structural masterpieces – the choice is entirely yours! This is the kind of game that actively encourages thinking "outside of the box" (perhaps an overused term but extremely important in making development possible) – so let’s see what new wonders you can come up with! Happy mine cloning!

How to Play: Note: This game requires ‘Unity Web Player’ to play, and, due to the high-quality content, may take longer to load than regular flash games. Your computer needs to have at least 4 GB of RAM with a 2.8 GHZ i5 processor (or better) to be able to play properly & quickly (If you have low RAM and a slow processor, the gameplay is very dark and sluggish at best).

At the beginning, in first-person view, you are dropped from the sky onto a huge 3D landscape. Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control your craft’s movement. Press Spacebar to jump over obstacles. Using your mouse or touchpad, Left Click on any nearby block to remove (mine) it from the game screen. If you want to add blocks to the landscape, press your E Key to open up your ‘Inventory’ (this is a large cache of different types of blocks that can be added). Once you have selected the block you wish to add, press the E Key again, and then right click at your leisure to add the chosen type of block to the landscape.

After that, it’s your choice as to how you allocate your time and resources. You can build a structure or skyscraper, or dig down into the underground, or simply leap into the lakes - it’s entirely your choice and responsibility. In this Mine Clone version, there are also other characters to find and interact with.

Press the Escape Key if you need to move your mouse outside of the game zone, and then press it again to get back into the game. Once you are on the Escape Menu, you can choose to save your latest game or load an old one. Enjoy the freedom!

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