Play online block building games for free: Block game for iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy, for iOS mobile phone, iPad tablet, PC, laptop, notebook to play now, no download. 1010 Deluxe is a fun block puzzle game & quick brain teaser for kids (girls, boys). Cool new HTML5 games.
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Fun Block Puzzle for iPhone / Android / Tablet / PC - 1010 Deluxe

Rating: 7.4/10 - 1139 votes

Play a really good block-building puzzle game on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! 1010 Deluxe is a fun and challenging, ‘one-level’ block-based puzzler for kids, high school teens and grown-ups where you must fill a 10 X 10 grid with Tetris-style colored blocks, and try to create solid rows horizontally or vertically to score points and prolong the action! Play the role of "Block Adder Extraordinaire" and strategically position blocks on the 100-space grid so that they fill up whole rows or columns all of the way across the grid on either the horizontal or vertical axis.

Reasons to play: If you enjoy creative engineering challenges and exercising your analytical thinking skills, then 1010 Deluxe is a great free online activity! This is a fun, construction-themed brain teaser that plays like a static, problem-solving version of Tetris. Here, you must methodically place blocks and plug gaps rather than position items as they fall. Sharp focus, great determination, and a willingness for trial and error are all important attributes in your quest for success.

How to Play: This Tetris-style, block puzzle game should work on most iOS and Android devices as well as web browsers for PC / Mac. This is a ‘one-level’ challenge where your task is to prolong the game for as long as possible, and score points by creating and eliminating full rows of blocks. A row / column is eliminated from the grid when all spaces are filled - 10 across or 10 down. The action continues until you run out of space and further block additions are impossible.

For PC / Mac players, click and drag one of the blocks from the bottom of the play area onto the grid, and release the click to snap the block piece into place. For mobile and tablet players, tap and swipe the blocks onto the play area in the same manner. Blocks come in groups of 3 at the bottom of the game screen. Your all-time top score is displayed in the top right of the game screen while your current score is located in the top left box. Keep playing and attempting to topple your best score! Enjoy the action!

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