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Flight Simulator Boeing 737-400 Sim Game

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Have you got the skills to become an elite commercial pilot? If so - Attention! We have an urgent need for a skilled Boeing 737-400 operator to fly a number of challenging virtual missions. You are our newest trainee pilot – and we need your enthusiasm and assistance! Flight Simulator Boeing 737-400 Sim is a very challenging online pilot sim game where you must fly and land a large commercial jet during a series of difficult flying tasks in a real world 3D simulation environment! As pilot and Captain, you must carefully maneuver your airplane through dangerous windy conditions, landing safely at faraway airports during the day, at night, under the stress of a blown engine, and more!

This really tricky 3D flying activity requires a lot of patience, a very cool head and a great deal of mouse-clicking skill. Some of your flights may last more than a few minutes, but every second is important as you attempt to complete your designated mission. Strap yourself in Captain – your new piloting career is about to take off!

How to Play: This game requires Unity Web Player to play, and may take longer to load than other driving or simulation games on this site (depending on the speed of your computer / internet connection). In each of the increasingly difficult levels, you must complete your objective by safely landing a Boeing 737-400 at the designated airport, and ‘taxiing’ to the large gate area marked with yellow cones. Some levels require a take-off and landing maneuver while others require you to safely land an already-airborne plane.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag the throttle instrument in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen in order to increase / decrease your plane’s speed (Lifting the throttle up increases speed, dragging it down decreases speed. To change the direction of the plane, Left Click and drag in any direction in the center of the game screen (This is much easier when the plane is on the ground). The altitude / speed of your plane is indicated by the red writing on the right side of the play area. Above these numbers lies your mini-map where you can see destination airports marked by yellow dots. If your plane crashes at any point, you must replay the mission. Enjoy the challenge!

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